Aries Weekly Horoscope 8th May– 15th May 2022


Love and Relationships

Due to your hectic schedule, you may not be able to spend time with your spouse. Venus and Jupiter transit might lead to marriage or engagement. It’s a good time to meet with family and your love partner to discuss marriage. This week, take a short vacation and spend time with your loved one. Try not to argue with your partner and have a good conversation.


Travel safely this week. There may be eye-related concerns to address. When using electronic devices and driving, use glasses. Rahu and Sun might cause stomach discomfort. Older people should not forgo routine exams. Pregnant women must take care of their nutrition and health as well as avoid arguments. Include regular exercise and a morning or evening walk to stay fit.


Avoid big investments in the stock market due to Rahu and Sun’s transit. You could obtain new business initiatives that cost money. Travel and trips with friends and colleagues may be costly. Spending on gifts is part of the job and family duties. If you are going on a pilgrimage or shopping, make a budget beforehand. Education costs would be there. Health-related spending is expected.


Avoid arguing with coworkers and superiors at work. The Sun and Rahu transit is not favourable. Individuals with family businesses should avoid conflict and new business proposals. If you have joined a new firm, you would be saddled with a workload. Some of you may struggle to achieve the career or recognition you seek, so be patient and focus on skills. Self-employed people may benefit from international contacts.


Mars’ and Jupiter transits would reward your hard work and persistence. Because of the delay, you may feel depressed, but everything will turn out well. Success in a competition or test is guaranteed this week. The transit of Venus and Jupiter may make you want to study singing for job achievement. Sports students would win the upcoming competition. Disagreements with family members are probable.

The Week’s Overview

Everyone is busy in this world but you have to learn to prioritise spending time with your loved ones. Not giving enough time and attention to your relationship and spouse can be troubling. Venus and Jupiter transit may ring wedding bells. You can arrange a meeting for your parents with your love partner’s family to convert that love relationship into marriage. You may even go on a short trip with your mate.
Start your week by making a financial plan. The Sun and Rahu transit may not favour this week for any major investment plans or taking any loans. Although the stars predict new projects for your business there can be some financial expenditure for the same. You may also go travelling with your colleagues and friends. Gifts for family and office functions, pilgrimage, or shopping; all this will just add up to your financial crunch. So make a budget in advance. Educational courses and health matters can be added to the list too.
Rahu and Sun transit can poke you but don’t let it get to you. Be civil and polite with your seniors and colleagues at the office. Family business people, the week will test you but try not to break. Avoid getting into disagreements with your family members and also avoid getting into any new business proposal this week, no matter how tempting it may look.
Newbies in the corporate world – your welcome. Gear up to get yourself piled up with a lot of work. Some of you might face challenges to get the desired job or recognition at your workplace so you are advised to have patience and work on your skills rather than sulking. Independent professionals and freelancers may get in touch with foreign clients. Electric or fashion field working professionals can get their part of success too.
Do not get all sad if your results come in late, your hard work and determination will pay off. Have a positive mindset. Whether it is your school exams or any competitive examinations you will get the desired results. During this week you may get inclined to learn singing which can push your career to a more successful path with the transit of Venus and Jupiter.
Sports students will score well in the coming tournaments. For your further studies, you may have different thoughts as compared to your family. Try to put your points in such a manner that they get to see the picture from your point of view and they are convinced with you. The planetary transit will help you to get admission in the course of your dreams.

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