Aries Weekly Horoscope 1st May– 8th May 2022


Love and Relationships

Be careful while making big relationship decisions. Sudden disputes might lead to a break-up of your love and romantic relationship. Keep your vows and show respect to your partner. In a relationship, keep your commitments and avoid offering incorrect information. Avoid sending a harsh message or replaying it since it might generate problems in the relationship. An unexpected journey to a faraway place with your spouse may occur.


Pregnant women should monitor their intake and avoid consuming outside meals due to Sun and Rahu transits. The incorrect diet might create abrupt health concerns, like stomach pain. Sweet dishes might induce weight gain or unexpected health concerns due to Jupiter and Venus transits. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid arguments since this might cause stress and body discomfort.


Money influx mid-week due to earlier investment. The business person would be compensated for recent losses, but family business must be handled with care and discipline. Mars and Jupiter might bring financial success to the maternal household. You may get money from your father or ask for it, but it may take time. Your father and siblings may teach you how to invest.


Because of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, you would do well. Job seekers may find this week supportive. Some of you may be promoted and rewarded at work. This week, a corporate agreement might be finalised. A business partner may assist you. Long-distance job travel is indeed possible. Responding aggressively to government officials might put you in a bind. Ignorance might lead to miscommunication, so be attentive with your partner.


It’s an attention deficit week. Avoid being abrasive in trivial matters since this might derail you from your interest. Keep your projects and plans a secret, and don’t get too enthused about the outcome. Saturn and Mars transits might generate problems with friends or the wrong company. Distractions in the study may influence you in the next few days, so plan beforehand. Research related students, get to work!

The Week’s Overview

This week will be moderately fruitful for you. There may be tension in your love life this week. You may have someone’s evil eye. As a result, there may be obstacles in your relationship. If you are married, then right now you should try to make your relationship beautiful. There will also be a sudden increase in your expenses, which can increase your worries. However, the income will also start increasing so there is no need to panic at all.This week will be auspicious for the employed people and those who do business, they should try to start the business afresh. Students will have a desire to study, but they may have to face the problem of distraction. They will benefit from meditation. Talking about health, you will have to take care of your health in the beginning of the week. You may fall ill. You may be troubled by body pain, severe headache or fever. Last days of the week will be good for travelling.

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