Aries Weekly Horoscope 15th May– 22nd May 2022

Love and Relationships

Love birds may experience some ups and downs in life because of misunderstanding. This week you need to work on your relationship. There might be a sudden rupture in the connection due to Moon and Ketu. Take care of your spouse’s health as it may deteriorate. Chances of unexpected disputes are probable. Small get together with family would offer valuable time to spend with the spouse.


It’s an ordinary week regarding health, so don’t disregard it. Planetary transit indicates health’s importance. Plan everything ahead of time to ensure a stress-free day. Avoid arguments and tension, which might harm your health. You should get a routine dental exam as the stars forecast tooth discomfort or cavities. Stress may harm your health, so learn to prioritise your mind.


The financial decision you make this week would assist you a lot to make money. A trip with your sibling might cost more than expected. You may be given family responsibilities, which might increase expenses. Clear all tax concerns to avoid legal issues. Learning science, tarot card reading, or healing courses may cost money. Unforeseen travel and unplanned expenses are expected. Married people can benefit from in-laws.


The Rahu and Mercury transits reveal a sudden inflow of money. You may lose wealth or money if you communicate harshly. You should be patient and seek professional advice before pursuing legal action. It’s not the best week to make big changes due to legal issues. It may cause the company to fail. Independent professionals would succeed with international customers. Your job may require a short vacation abroad.


It’s a week for finishing off your study work. Don’t dwell on the past. Mercury and Rahu would help students in digital marketing or social media land a successful job interview. School students should avoid negative ideas and surround themselves with positive people. Weak immunity and unpleasant thoughts may diminish your focus. With the Venus and Jupiter transit, you may excel in school.

The Week’s Overview

Miscommunication can lead to creating distance between lovebirds and it is essential for you to work on your relationship. Because of Moon and Ketu transit, there may be confusion which may result in taking a break. The break, divorce, or your partner’s health may hamper your peace of mind. All the single lads and lasses will get a suitable marriage match proposal but don’t be in a rush, as it will take its own sweet time to reach you.
Small get-togethers and quality time with family will lessen the blow of any disagreements you may have. The practical decision related to the financial matter is going to help you a lot to accumulate good gain this week. You may get the responsibility of the family which can give an increase in expenditure but you will get support from other members in terms of finance. Also, to maintain the bond with your siblings you may spend on some unexpected travel plans.
To stay clear of legal matters, it is advised to clear all your tax dues, if any. Planning your savings and expenses in advance will help you this week. Married Aries may get financial benefits from the in-laws’ side. There can also be unplanned travel.
Rahu and Mercury are suggesting that there can be sudden cash inflow, but bitter communication may take away that wealth. Amidst this, if any legal matters turn up it is advised to seek help from an expert and have patience. Your business is likely to cause you stress this week, so it is not a good time to make a major change in the business plan. Avoid any kind of argument with your business partner as it may cause a sudden break or financial loss. Patience and positive thoughts will get you through the week at your workplace and things will improve gradually. Entrepreneurs may hear good news from a foreign client, also flying for a small business trip overseas.
The transit of Mars and Saturn advises Aries students to have a positive approach towards things and avoid negative thoughts. Due to weak immunity and bad health, negative thoughts may get you distracted from your studies. The transit of Venus and Jupiter may provide all the students of Aries sign with success.
This week is likely to be average for you in terms of health and transit of planets are hinting that your health needs to be on your priority list. Having a planner will provide you with a hassle-free day and also some ME time. Stay in touch with your doc and get regular checkups. It is suggested that you start yoga to keep your mind stress-free.

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