Animals in Amboseli National Park – A Nature-istic Guide

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Amboseli is one of the greatest, most wildlife rich National Parks in Kenya. So, if you are off on a Kenya adventure and Amboseli is one of the wildlife reserves on your itinerary, then you are in for a treat! What you may be unaware of however is what kinds of animals you may see there. So here are a few of the amazing animals to keep your eyes peeled for.


The classic Amboseli scene is of a herd of elephant posing in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is one of greatest locations in Africa to see elephants in large numbers. These great tusked creatures are fascinating to watch as they move slowly across the park.

Masai Lion

The king of the park! The lion is one of the most dominant predators in African wildlife. They are known for being lazy until it is time for a meal. They live in groups called prides, and the males have large manes around their heads.


A scavenger if I ever did see one! Hyenas often wait for the leftovers of kills that other predators have left behind and feast upon them rather than hunting themselves. You can differentiate the movement of a hyena from another animal, as it walks with a slump.


These un-sturdy looking, horned antelope are present in Amboseli, however they are more famous for their presence in the Masai Mara as they make their way over to the Serengeti of Tanzania in a huge numbers of over a million, is search of fresh grazing opportunities.

Plains Zebra

This Zebra is the most commonly found species rather than its related Grevy’s Zebra, which can also be found in some areas in Kenya. They are a magnificent looking animal, with their black and white striped heads and bodies. They can often be seen grazing, not too far astray from a watering hole.

Marabou Stork

This bizarre looking large bird that is has one of the largest wingspans. It is primarily a scavenger, and can be seen mingling with vultures over leftovers on animal carcasses.

Masai Ostrich

The ostrich is the largest, flightless bird in Africa. It has a very long neck and long, skinny legs which are used to run at speeds of around forty five miles per hour. The ostrich eats insects as well as plants.

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