An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Web Developer—Ayman Kaddoura A Business Wizard

Ayman Kaddoura is a Palestinian entrepreneur, web developer, and digital marketing expert who is the founder of “The Bridge Technology,” a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing website development, social media management, content creation, voice-overs, and talent management, Born on 1 January 1988, Kaddoura is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Dubai. His work has helped to shape the city’s digital landscape. Kaddoura is a respected authority on digital marketing, and his advice is sought by businesses looking to make a mark in the online world. In addition to his work with The Bridge Technology, Kaddoura is also an active trainer, and he has made trained numerous people about digital literacy across the globe.

To achieve essential business objectives, you must have a thorough grasp of your clients.


Whether you’re seeking to optimize the customer experience, generate more compelling content, or boost sales, it is crucial to know your consumers better than they know themselves.

What seems complicated to most businesses, Kaddoura finds easy. Being the CEO of “The Bridge Technology,” Kaddoura has come a long way to establishing a digital marketing empire that serves not only large enterprises but also helps small businesses optimize their growth through effective digital marketing and CRM. Today, Ayman is known for his excellence in the business industry through SEO, social media engagement, websites, videos, voice-over, etc.

Ayman Kaddoura understands his responsibilities as a marketer; he says, “We have extensive experience and deep learning about developing and marketing online ventures. We know that our clients trust us and give us freedom with support and maintenance.”

Ayman Kaddoura’s Take on Digital Marketing

“In the realm of digital marketing, one of the most difficult problems is the pressure to create leads and traction at the same time. When we create an advertisement, we are not only attempting to pique the customer’s interest in the goods, but we are also attempting to brand the product. Branding is a distinct entity in traditional marketing tactics, but the two work hand in hand with digital marketing,” says Ayman Kaddoura.

Today, when most businesses struggle to optimize their growth, Ayman is the go-to person for them. He doesn’t only deliver critical insights about the essential marketing strategies and customer targeting but also helps businesses bring sales and traffic to their sites. Having over a decade of experience as a digital marketer and web developer, Ayman has proved to be one of the best social media managers out there, if not the best.

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