All You Need To Know About Student Accommodation


Starting university is an exciting experience for any student – to explore different things, learn more about life, and for many, it may be the first time living away from home. Where you live can have a big impact on your student experience. . Good accommodation for students can make you feel comfortable and has an impact on your productivity as well. Hence, it is essential to gather all information so that ultimately you can make an informed decision about university accommodation.  

Here are some of the things you might look into before finalising a place for your accommodation –

  1. Save Money And Make A Budget For Accommodation

As a student, one of the most important things to be careful of is the amount of money you spend. Spending too much can risk the accumulation of debt after graduation. Then later, short of funds and craving for pleasurable pursuits can hamper your career. But that doesn’t mean that you spend so little that you miss out on the complete college experience. So here are some pointers which will help you to guide how to manage money. 

Monthly Budget

Make a monthly budget in an Excel sheet or any planner app. You can keep track of your monthly expenses, and plug any unnecessary spending. Make a list of all the fixed expenditures, such as transportation, food, and essential items. Then the balance amount can be kept for shopping, partying or other expenses. 

Prefer discounted goods

As prices are usually much lower than brand new items, buying discounted goods is a great way to save money. Look out for shops that sell discounted goods or offer good deals. Also seniors who are graduating often sell barely used goods at discounts as they dont require them any more.. 

Emergency Fund

As students do not have a steady income, keeping a fund for an emergency can be a task. Cut down some unnecessary expenses like a movie at a multiplex or eating out. The money saved can be put into an emergency fund. You may borrow money from your friend or family if you don’t save up for an emergency.  

Cook For Yourself

Cooking for yourself will help you save a large amount of money. Eating outside often can quickly add up to be a significant expense. And if you are studying in a place where the restaurants are pricey, it can really cost you a lot. You can cook for yourself in your university accommodation. Apart from saving money, home cooked food will also be good for your body.  Cooking food  can be fun, healthy and one learns a new skill.

  1. Check the cost of utilities

Before deciding on any university accommodation, you must look out for properties from the best student accommodation provider – RentoSpace They provide you with fantastic property options as per your area, budget and requirement.

However, while checking for a place, remember to check for the Utilities and their cost. These include- electricity, laundry room services, internet, water, sewage cost, gas cost, etc. You may discover some utilities not included in the rent. Off-campus housing usually requires the payment of utilities separately from rent. 

  1. Deposit Amount & Lease Terms

As a safety concern, everyone is asked to pay a deposit amount even when it is about accommodation for students. You are asked to put down a deposit amount by the apartment as a safety precaution, which is refunded once you move out and follow the apartment’s move-out policy. 

Read the lease agreements and note the details, such as start and end dates, utilities included, and any additional charges. Remember to check the sublease terms and the lease breakage fee should you need to move. If sharing the apartment, an individual lease is always the better option as opposed to a joint lease. 

  1. Choosing the Right Location

If you prefer staying off-campus then you should choose a location that is not far from the university. In that way, you can save money for the commute or transportation. Staying near the campus can save time also. You can utilise that time to study or to engage in other curricular activities. Always prefer an accommodation that is at a walkable distance from your university. 

  1. Start looking Early

Getting university accommodation isn’t an easy task as thousands of other students are also interested. So you should begin your search as early as possible as you’ll get more options. The living conditions in one part of the town may not be the same as in others. Therefore, you need to assess the neighbourhood carefully..


Securing a place in college is not a small achievement and time spent in college can be the best time of your life. Still moving to another country for education can seem like a daunting experience. One of the biggest worries for parents & students alike is finding the right accommodation. If you keep in mind the above pointers, we are sure you will find an accomodation that is right for you! 

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