YouTube ends test for quickly enabling PiP on iOS


(IANS) Google-owned YouTube, which officially rolled out Picture-in-Picture (PiP) to the iOS app last June, has reportedly now ended the test for iPhone and iPad users.

The experiment has disappeared from after hitting its early April end date. Google notified people with a “the feature you are trying has been turned off” banner on the desktop site and mobile apps, 9To5Google reported on Saturday.

That said, the YouTube PiP still works for iPhone and iPad users that previously had the test enabled.

Premium users, however, that never tried the experiment do not have PiP today. YouTube has yet to widely roll out the capability 10 months later, the report said.

A full launch is hopefully coming soon as YouTube TV has just widely rolled out PiP for its iOS app.

It was announced at the end of March and is fully available as of this week. It is arguably much more needed for the premium cord-cutting product.

The report mentioned that Picture-in-Picture is a perk for paying YouTube Premium users around the world.

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