Why You Need Online Proofing For Your Business?

a woman proof reading a script
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Your business needs to appear professional on the internet and in any printed documents that you create. This means that any errors in your grammar, spelling, or usage will affect your image when customers are deciding whether or not to do business with you. To fix this problem, you’ll need online proofing software, which will help ensure that your documents always read as well as possible before you publish them and show them to the world.

1. Avoid inbox traffic

If you’re not careful, your business email inbox can fill up with emails that don’t really need a response. This creates more work for you and increases inbox clutter. As such, it’s important to monitor what emails are going into your inbox so you aren’t adding unnecessary traffic to your business email—and potentially missing something more important. Using online proofing allows you to track which emails have been read and ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

2. Eliminate file sharing solutions

Online proofing also plays an integral role in enabling businesses to eliminate file-sharing solutions. The idea of going paperless isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore; it’s a business necessity. If you have any files being shared and managed through Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing solution that doesn’t utilize document version control (DVC), you’re running your business on a ticking time bomb. DVC is part of what sets online proofing solutions apart from traditional file-sharing solutions. In fact, DVC is why so many organisations are switching from using services like Dropbox. With DVC technology built into professional online proofing software platforms, users can revert to earlier versions of documents at any point in time and track changes as they happen over each revision history line. Besides, they can distribute those files easily across their organisations with distribution lists or workflows tailored specifically for different teams and levels within their business.

3. Assess your current approval process

Do you send your proposals, contracts, and important documents back and forth through email? If so, likely, you don’t have an easy way to ensure that these documents are sent only to those who need them. One of the best ways to combat document leaks is by implementing an online proofing tool for your business. With such a tool in place, anyone will be able to review any document at any time without accessing personal accounts or providing sensitive information. Additionally, they’ll be able to easily download and share documents with others.

4. Easily proof audio and video content

Audio and video material must be free of errors before publishing. With a business online proofing service, you have an opportunity to review your content for accuracy before final publication. This type of business online proofing will help ensure that your work gets viewed in its best light by potential clients or customers. When it comes to producing top-quality work, every detail counts! And with business online proofing, you can minimise costly mistakes.

5. Gain feedback clarity

Getting feedback and proofreading online is faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional methods. If you run a business and plan to publish something online—whether it’s a white paper, presentation slides, or even product descriptions—you should use online proofreading services to make sure your content is error-free. It’s easy to do; simply send your material via email, check it out on desktop or mobile (where applicable), and then approve changes. No hassle, no driving around town for drop-offs. The next time you want some feedback from others about what you’ve published, try online proofing first!

6. Save money

The true value of business online proofing can’t be overstated, because it helps small businesses save money. Print designers spend their time designing and printing, while online proofers are available around-the-clock at a fraction of cost. This means businesses can get their material printed when they need it and not have to store extra inventory in case something goes wrong. Businesses don’t have to outsource anymore – they can do everything on their own. Just another great reason why business online proofing is an essential service for modern businesses!

7. Data security capabilities

This is what every business needs and if you are looking for software for your business that can help with data security then look no further than online proofing. Business online proofing provides many of today’s businesses with everything they need to protect their data while still being able to access it anytime they want. The system can be used in conjunction with any existing program that is currently being used by businesses so there really isn’t any reason not to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

8. Greater efficiency

One top reason for using online proofing is to make your business more efficient. I know you’re thinking, What do you mean “more efficient?” Does she actually think there is a way to improve my ability to waste time on Facebook, emails, and YouTube? Yes. Absolutely. Any time we can avoid printing off something, sending it back and forth through email or sending it in snail mail is a huge win for saving both money and time. Online proofing also makes businesses run smoother, smarter, and faster while keeping your customers happier.

9. Reminder alerts

With online proofing, you stay on deadline with the help of reminder alerts. What happens is that you set automatic reminders in your browser (for example) and then as a project or task draws to a close, an alert will pop up on your screen. This means you don’t need to remember when things are due; it’s all taken care of for you. It also means that if someone says something about what needs doing tomorrow, you can check whether tomorrow really does mean tomorrow.


In a nutshell, online proofing is in every business owner’s best interest. It helps businesses save time and money and allows them to maintain high-quality final products. By adding a variety of online proofing methods to your business’s quality assurance process, you can save yourself countless headaches in the future while ensuring that your clients receive only great work and nothing less.

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