What are the best time card apps?

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If you want to see a complete picture of how your employees work, how much your business is saving on labor costs and how much loss you are incurring in the form of time theft, then the ideal option would be to implement a time card app. Timecard apps are the best time-saving tool beneficial to both small and large businesses. 

Following are the best time clock apps that meet the needs of all business sizes. 

  1. Sling

Sling is an effective time card app that provides strong clock in and clock out functionalities and time-tracking features. It notifies owners when an employee forgets clocking in or when an employee is running late. It comes with the unique feature that converts your tablet, phone, and computer into a time clock. You get the option of many tools that helps in streamlining a large portion of your organization’s work. 

Key features-

  • Helps in scheduling overtime. 
  • Avoids labor budget to exceed.
  • Reduces late arrivals and absenteeism. 
  • Tracks double booking and overlapping shifts.
  • Geofencing feature.

2. Inch

This time card app offers valuable insight that helps your team improve the workflow and perform better. It is a mobile time clock app that helps employees clock in and clock out of their working shifts. It is not only a time clock app but also a news distribution channel, communication, and payroll processing tool. You can set geofences around remote worksites or business sites. 

3. Harvest

Time tracking software helps you know important information about your business but can be challenging. Harvest is a time card app that makes tracking time easy and helps you access valuable data without any hassle. This app helps you to track time on certain projects. 

4. Timely

Timely is an effective time card app that helps in the following function-

  • Automatic tracking of time – it records the time spent on a variety of apps. This helps to make a timeline, compare workdays, and increase productivity. 
  • Team and project planning- helps to view your workday with the project and team plan functionality. This helps to compare work schedules between teams.
  • Time management helps in tracking time across different apps and integrates with other software. 

It offers an effective time tracking solution and helps to get accurate timesheets.

5. Buddy punch

Buddy punch helps in tracking employee working hours and also makes effortless payroll. It has easy-to-use features that avoid wasting time and money on running payroll. It also integrates with other payroll accounting software. It allows businesses to automatically record when and where their employees need to punch in and punch out. It becomes useful when your employees have to work in multiple locations. It has a feature of IP address locking that lets you limit where employees must punch in or punch out of their work. 

Key features

  • Easy to use intuitive interface.
  • Seamless onboarding.
  • Multi app support.
  • Customer support.
  • Geofencing. 
  • GPS tracking.

Buddy punch supports multi-app and can be used on your phone or web browser tablet. It is used for both employees and employers. Employees can use it to clock their time through tablets, mobile devices, or computers at job sites. Employers, on the other hand, use it to monitor team activities, calculate PTO, communicate with the team, and track team projects

6. Clockify

This time tracking app helps freelancers, small teams, and solopreneurs to manage their time. Some of its key features includes the following-

  • Time tracking- this app helps in automatic time tracking across a wide variety of devices. 
  • Reports- it helps in generating reports with just simple few clicks. 
  • Timesheet- helps to calculate the billable hours to make the payroll experience seamless.
  • Dashboard- helps to centralize all your information in easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Team- helps in managing and communicating with employees and facilitates quick collaboration.

7. DeskTime

DeskTime is another best time card app that comes with the following key features-

  • URL / APP tracking- you can use this app to monitor the apps and URLs that your employees are visiting when they are at work.
  • Automatically records and tracks time- DeskTime helps track time automatically across your business.
  • Idle time tracking helps you track work that employees have spent away from computers and work.
  • Automatic screenshots- helps to take screenshots without incurring extra cost. This feature in DeskTime helps you when you have to monitor and track the performance of the remote teams.

8. QuickBooks Time

This time clock app is useful for monitoring employees who switch jobs or work remotely every day. This time card app helps employees track their working time quickly and easily with the help of overtime alerts, convenient clock in and clock out, and the remaining employee breaks so that every employee can be on the same page. 

Employees can clock in and out on their mobile phones, Android apps, laptop, iPhones, etc. Although it helps to track time accurately, it doesn’t provide built-in communications, which is offered by buddy punch.

9. When I Work

It is another time tracking app that comes with the following features-

  • Employee scheduling – it helps to schedule employee working shifts seamlessly. It helps in managing where and when your staff works. 
  • Employee time clock – it tracks what employees are working on. 
  • Timesheets- this time card helps calculate and export timesheets automatically, which helps in payroll processing. It helps to integrate with other payroll providers. 

10. ezClocker

It is a mobile time clock app that enables employees to clock in and clock out from their phone devices. This app also acts as a central kiosk where employees can easily clock in or clock out only by entering a pin of four digits. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any complex passwords or email addresses. It helps in making the process of employee tracking more streamlined. 

11. Homebase

It is an excellent time tracking software that helps streamline payroll and employee accountability. It has the following features-

  • Employee scheduling- this app makes smart work schedules with the help of templates to predict labor costs.
  • Time clock – it has a time clock feature that tracks working hours on tablets, computers, and POS system
  • Online timesheets- make payroll seamlessly by keeping track of hours and getting a complete picture of real-time labor costs.

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