United States Truck Accident Cases and Statistics in 2021

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As per statista, trucking is a 700 billion dollar market with more than 3 million people rely on it livelihoods. As more people pile into trucks, they become more susceptible to accidents because of increased traffic. 

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — FARS there has been a 52% increase in truck accidents since 2009, with a large truck involved in 74% of all fatal passenger vehicle crashes.

Contrary to popular belief, it is interesting to note that drugs and alcohol abuse are not among the top causes of these crashes. Most trucking accidents are caused by driver fatigue and failure to follow traffic laws. Mechanical defects, most occurring in tires, and new routes are major contributing factors to accidents.

The vehicle’s weight also constitutes a common cause of big truck crashes. Weighing up to 40 tons when loaded, trucks take a lot longer to come to a stop as opposed to regular vehicles. As more goods pile into the truck, there is a greater chance of it tipping over, contributing to many deaths and injuries in crashes.

Another common cause of truck accidents is reckless driving, which often leads to fatal crashes. Many drivers are unaware that their driving patterns are unsafe, and this is a problem because it often results in devastating crashes.

Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety A little over half of all truck-related accidents occurred on major roads. As many as 32% of accidents occur on Interstate highways throughout the country. Over the last five years, road resurfacing and construction have been a significant cause of truck crashes. 

With this in mind, it is increasingly more likely for yourself or your loved ones in be involved in one such accident. In the unfortunate event that you do, you must contact a trucking accident attorney to ensure you get all the damages you rightfully deserve. 

A trucking accident attorney will be able to help you determine whatever harms you incurred and what kind of damages you are entitled to. In some cases, trucking companies will cover any damages the victims suffer so long as they are involved in an accident with one of their vehicles. If this does not occur, then you can be compensated.

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In the case of a loss of life or a truck accident fatality, family members may be able to sue for loss of care and loss of support along with emotional distress. In such a case, the damages awarded will be based on the gross negligence of the other driver, and this is usually determined by comparing how a reasonable person would have acted in similar circumstances. 

The record-keeping at trucking companies may also be subject to lawsuits, as they must maintain accurate records. With a rise in fatal crashes, trucking companies have become more stringent in their safety regulations, which can help prevent future crashes. 

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