Top Keys To Creating Shopping Mall Adventures With Your Kids

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Some of you may dread that trip to the mall with your kids.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. With your kids’ help, you can make a trip to the mall an exciting adventure. Here are 5 keys to creating mall adventures with your kids – just remember “MALLS.”

Map out shopping malls that are kid-friendly: Most shopping center malls have environments that engage children. The majority have safe play areas for kids and seats for you to relax. A few of the Dallas/Fort Worth malls even have carousel rides and ice rinks.

Ask them what mall treat they would like: There’s a lot of special treat choices in the Dallas/Fort Worth shopping malls. For instance, the ice cream treat Dippin’ Dots, warm soft pretzels, popcorn, chocolate, and many other delights. Letting your children decide a few things on their own goes a long way in making their day an adventure.

Locate stores that your kids want to visit: Do your children like video games? Most malls have stores like EB Games or where you can pick up the latest titles. Although there are less toy stores than there used to be, some malls still have toy stores. Even places like Brookstone offer some entertainment value, such as vibrating recliners.

Let’s take turns: First, you can take them to a store that you want to visit. Even there, you can make it fun. Do something like, “First one that helps me find a nice pair of black high heels, gets to pick the next store we go to.” It’s about taking every moment you can to engage your kids in the process. After you’re done at your store of choice, it’s time for your child to pick one. Alternate visiting stores with a treat and a few moments of fun and the day will seem be an adventure.

Spend quality time: My friend’s daughter is now an adult, but some of the best times we can remember are our visits to the grocery store. I had to remember that she was a kid, not an adult – and I couldn’t reasonably expect her to act like one. So I engaged her. One moment in particular was I took a cow tongue that was in the meat counter and gave her “cow sugar” with it.

Visiting the mall with your kids can be great quality time together if you just take a few minutes to plan.

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