Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd April– 9th April 2022


Love and Relationships

This week might be a wonderfully romantic time for you, and you might appreciate the level of love with your partner. You should spend more time with your family if you are planning to get married. It is advisable to plan things ahead. You might end up with good news this weekend if you are single and planning to propose to someone. Couples might expect good news.


You might suffer from kidney or stomach related problems this week, and it is better to pay attention to your eating habits and routine. Be careful while driving any vehicle as it may put you in trouble. It is advisable to be safe while doing any sports activity. Take care of yourself and be away from electrical items this month.
There may be an unforeseen health concern. Your mental health may also be affected. During this phase, you may struggle to cope with mental pressure and stress. You are recommended to take a healthy diet, rest, exercise, and meditate for optimum health. This might also help you with a relaxed mental state. You are advised to be careful while driving.


It is better to think before making any decision. It is advisable to avoid spending your wealth on unnecessary things. Your loan might get rejected if it was applied to improve the financial condition of your family. You might experience some unexpected outcomes. Be careful about your valuables as you may lose them due to some reason. Damage to your vehicle may occur this week.


You need to be very cautious about your career this week. You might lose your temper and indulge in a fight at the workplace, which might affect your job and affect you mentally. Your new project might come to an end. Also, planned trips abroad might get cancelled. It seems that there might be disputes between you and your business partner due to differences.


This week might be a difficult state of mind to get started, and students might get confused. Thus, you need to decide the near future, and it might worry you. Be sure about the choices you make now. If you delay your learning, then poor performance might affect your future, and your close friends might go ahead in the learning process.

The Week’s Overview

The working part of your life, career and finances needs to be taken care of this week. While family life might remain smooth. There might be problems related to the work front due to your careless approach. Job seekers can find several opportunities. Spouse of a married couple may start a new job. Business spinners can hope for positive news in the second half of the week. Spend time with younger family members to refresh you. Family reconciliation is very much on the cards.
Romantically, a great time is indicated this week. Appreciate small things of love in your day to day life. Planning for marriage, then start planning and spend time with your partner. Singles can also look forward to proposing to someone special and feel accepted. Married couples thinking of family planning may get the good news they were waiting for.
Financially a tough week for you. Avoid spending your savings on unnecessary things. Loans for house development may get rejected. Business people can also get a setback with one of their major deals getting cancelled. You may try to amend things, but the resources may go in vain. Be wary about theft, or you may lose your valuable items. Drive carefully to avoid damage to your vehicles.
Scorpio natives, be careful regarding your career. A loss in a temper may land you in soup at the workplace, and it may even culminate into a fight with a teammate. This may have a bad impact on seniors. On the other hand, you might receive negative comments that may hurt you mentally. Planned trips or projects may cease to end or get cancelled. Differences with business partners may land in a dispute. The only mantra is to control your tongue and temper.
For students, a challenging week ensues. Confusion may affect decision-making abilities in the near future. This might be a worrying factor as the decision taken now may impact your future. Delay in learning could only hurt your performance and progress. Your friends may outpace you with their set of learning speeds.
Healthwise, some of you may suffer from kidney and stomach related problems. Take care of your dietary habits. Be extra cautious while on the road to avoid accidents. Sportspeople playing cricket, hockey, or football should wear their safety armour. Stay away from electrical items. Natives suffering from leg related problems should massage their feet with mustard oil. Sleeping related issues should be consulted with a doctor before turning to medicine.

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