Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 10th April– 17th April 2022

Love and Relationships

It might be an unfavourable week for your love life. Your parents might raise several questions if you are planning to get married, and you might have to put effort into convincing them. Married couples might plan a long-distance trip this week, and it seems that there might be an increased sense of sensuality. If you are single, then you might find a potential lover.


You might suffer from some sort of stomach or shoulder pain this week. It is advisable to travel less as it might lead to exertion and pain. Be careful of any kind of distraction that might lead to an accident. You might get into mental troubles and might visit a psychiatrist. Take your medicines on time to avoid physical illness.
Due to planetary effects, some unfavourable health conditions might arise. During this phase, you may have tension and stress. You are recommended to take a healthy diet, water intake, rest, exercise, and meditate for optimum health. This might also help you with a relaxed mental state. You are also recommended to not engage in activities that may hamper your health.


You might spend money on your child’s education or any family member due to health issues. It seems that your elder siblings might ask for financial help from you. You might get mental satisfaction after agreeing to their request though it might affect your budget. You might invest your money in the stock market. You might ask for your loaned amount for financial satisfaction.


This is the week when work-related problems might get resolved, and you might be assigned new projects this week where you might showcase your talent. This week is the time to put in an energetic effort. Many natives of this sign may get a new job at a good salary, and they might impress their seniors. You might face problems within the workplace, so be cautious.


Though you might be prepared to the fullest, your heart somewhere would stick to last-minute preparation. You need to realise that your preparation might not get completed till you are clear with the way of life. If you plan to associate with a professional club, then this week might prove good for you. Mars and Mercury are quite supportive of you.

The Week’s Overview

Careerwise a good week ahead while finances remain normal this week. Health wants your attention, especially for your family members; otherwise, you may incur heavy medical expenses. Favourable time for students. However, be wary about problems brewing in your love life. Handle with care and patience. Native planning to enter politics should rethink their decision. Chances of a defeat in the election are likely. Recovering patients should take rest and avoid adventurous outings. End of the week, your health might recover.
Love life might be challenging for you this week. People thinking about marriage may not get approval from their parents. However, true lovers should try to convince their family members. Married couples can plan for a long-distance trip. Married couples might enjoy a sense of sensuality; also, singles may meet their potential lover through a friend. Newly formed couples may create stories to attract their partners.
Financially educational and medical expenses are on the cards. Older siblings might ask for financial help, and you might be happy to help them to give you a sense of mental satisfaction. But this might puncture your wallet. Consult financial experts before investing in mutual funds or stock markets. Investing without thinking might incur a loss in future. Ask the loaned amount back from someone close to you to firm your financial chart.
Careerwise, pending work might start to get resolved. You might be assigned a new project, which might provide ample chances to showcase your skill. Put your best effort. Good job offer with a good salary is on the cards. Seniors at work might be happy with your creativity. However, problems related to holidays may give you a headache. Business people can strike new deals that can be profitable in future. However, be wary about conspiring with colleagues at work.
You have done full preparation, but there might be confusion in your mind. Don’t worry; just be focused on your preparation and leave no stone unturned to succeed. People looking to associate with some professional club can help them get acquainted with many professionally qualified people to their advantage. Mars and Mercury are quite supportive.
Health demands attention, and be wary about stomach and shoulder pain. Travel less to avoid muscle cramps and pain in the body. While on the road, take care of yourself to avoid accidents. Avoid any use of gadgets while on the road. Restrict use of mobile or watching TV to protect your eyes. For any mental trouble, some of you might seek help from a Psychiatrist. Take medication to cure physical illness.

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