Microsoft brings back option to delete default search engines in Edge

(IANS) Tech giant Microsoft’s Edge Canary has reportedly restored the option to delete default search engines.

Until recently, it was possible to set different search engines as the default, but it was not possible to delete sites from the list of defaults to choose from, reports Windows Central.

The change was spotted by Leo Varela, who shared screenshots of the new menu browser on Reddit.

This is not new functionality for Microsoft Edge. Previous versions of the browser allowed users to delete default search engines in settings. That behaviour changed at some point, which was flagged up on Reddit. In response to that post from March 2022, Varela added some insight.

“Initially Edge received this change from upstream Chromium, but Google restored the option to remove default search engines in Chrome 99, so I do not understand why Microsoft has not restored this option in Edge yet, not even in the Dev and Canary versions (which are already at version 101),” said Varela in March 2022.

Google brought back the ability to remove default search engines in version 99. It took Microsoft until version 102, which is the latest version available through the Canary branch, to ship the change.

Edge Canary also gained a flag to show experimental appearance settings. Additionally, the browser’s “Follow creator” feature can now switch between recent posts and creators you follow without having to open the Collections flyout.

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