Make a difference and put a smile on someone’s face

How about being a part of making someone’s day brighter? Yes, you can do it all with “Pay It Behind You”; a simple and convenient way to reach out and share some kindness with someone else – and you’ll feel the reward too!

What Is PayItBehindYou?

The concept of “Payitbehindyou” is a simple one. Do a good deed for someone, and they will be inspired to do another good deed for someone else, and so on. is a dba of Christmas/Charity Celebration; a 501(c)3 organization established d in 1991, which has donated and raised over $1 million to over 50 charitable organizations.

The site was designed just to encourage individuals to do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return. Hopefully, the person(s) receiving the gift will do the same for someone else, challenge others to participate, and/or make a charitable donation. We hope that the challenge goes viral and that millions of people join in this feel-good, generous effort.

  • After placing your order at the drive-through speaker, proceed to the window to pick up YOUR order. The attendant will inform you about the amount due for your order. Ask politely, “what is the bill for the person or car behind me?” Tell the attendant you wish to pay the bill and do so if the amount is within your giving range. Ask the attendant to give the person behind you a PAYITBEHINDYOU.COM business/donation card. That’s it! You will feel happy while doing it!
  • Do not let the fact that you don’t have a car keep you from completing your challenge. You can do it from anywhere, and there are many people who you can help pay for things. Many contributors have done it in grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, doughnut shops, toy stores, and gas stations, among other places. It could be a little more difficult to remain anonymous, but you’ll figure out how to pay for someone else’s order. You might even receive a personal thank you and/or gain a new friend as a result of your efforts.
  • There are many ways to participate in the challenge. One example is to dress up as a character or be in a costume and approach the manager of the store where you wish to ‘payitbehindyou” payback. Explain what you’re doing and give them a dollar amount you’d like to donate. Work out a signal with the cashier(s) when you want a bill paid. Give the attendant a few business/donation cards from PAYITBEHINDYOU.COM to hand to the payee(s). You can dress up as Santa for this, or you can dress up whatever you like!

The Person Behind “PayItBehindYou”

The person behind the project “Payitbehindyou,” is Haithem K. Sarafa. His current non-profit organization encourages individuals to pay for the order of the person behind them in a drive-thru. The person receives a business card stating that someone has generously paid their bill today and encourages them to do the same for someone else and donate to charity by going to If you have any questions, you can reach him by email at

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