Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd April– 9th April 2022


Love and Relationships

Your weekly horoscope says your recent love relationship might come in as a great source of satisfaction and care. The stars are in your favour and suggest that your elders are pleased with your conduct and accept you wholeheartedly. With a modern thought of living rope, you are to have a quiet, cordial, and seemingly pleasant relationship with your partner as well as your loved ones.


More or less, you might have a calm and soothing week, says your horoscope. However, take caution while working by yourself. There is a chance you might succeed in soiling your health by being stressed about work. Just keep an open mind about letting things be, and you might figure out a way around handling the stress that comes your way.


The stars don’t look so bright this week for your financial planning and growth. However, you should not be disappointed. You might come across a few opportunities to capitalise your finances upon. Artists may do the bare minimum for the week and might be able to meet the ends effectively. However, you shouldn’t look for any kind of expansion this week.


Several significant opportunities to grow your career might come on your way. You might get to meet many gifted individuals to come your way and help you grow your business. They might even present you with better ideas. You can use this to grow your business. Writers, journalists, and others with the same careers may do tremendous and feel professional appreciation this week.


This week doesn’t look so bright. It says to look towards the positive side, start working towards your educational pursuits. If you think you are stuck up somewhere, try to think calmly for a solution. If you are trying to study for a competitive exam, you can start coaching classes. Counselling is also another option for people trying to locate the best opportunity to grow.

The Week’s Overview

Lucky week for the students doing management and commerce. Your systematic learning might lead to a wonderful experience to come. Goals in life can only be achieved when we work for them. So, students need to take their studies seriously to achieve their goals. For those looking for admission to a foreign country this week might turn out to be profitable. Some might have to postpone their marriage ceremony due to some unexpected reasons. A proud week for the parents and elders of the family. It is the week when the children of a house might bring a moment of pride, glory, and happiness for the family. A good week even for many of the ones who are seeking a job. Positivity is the key to success. So be positive in your attitude towards your job and you surely will find your job. For the share market holders, this week is lucky as they can take risks and might receive a good profit through the investments.
A month where the family affair comes and becomes a source of inspiration for all the members of the family. A week to receive blessings from the elders due to your efforts and behavior. A week where the family atmosphere will be set of affection and friendliness. So, all the members of the family will enjoy each other’s company and warm-heartedly live in harmony. A time to celebrate an auspicious occasion in the family with much entertainment and cheerfulness. A good financial month but a word of caution is to stay away from investments in real estate.
Finances are a matter of concern this week as the stars are not in a cooperative mood. This week might turn out to be very lucky for the poets, musicians, dramatists, filmmakers, and other practitioners. But a very unproductive month is going to be with many of them. People who are waiting for any type of gain from the government might be disappointed as the outcome would be unfavorable for you. The week most of you may not get favorable conditions for finances. This week is also not good for investors as the investment is not favored by your stars this week. A word of advice is to stop any kind of financial investments during this week.
The stars are in a helpful mood in the area of your career during the whole month. So be ready to take important steps in the area of your career. Gains will be many as you might form many advantageous relationships with many gifted people of learning. Material gains might be many but also enhancement of your entire life will give you great satisfaction. Travel is showing on the cards and which might be very beneficial and this travel might be either on the west or South-west side. Socio-religious factors are an important part of society. So, many of you might make a very important contribution to these sectors in society. The week is very beneficial for the writers, journalists, and others of these sections on the professional front. Creativity is the section that would be admired.
No favorable signs are being forecast by the stars, in the region of educational pursuit. Problems might arise for the students who are pursuing higher studies. They would be stuck up somewhere and the best answer to this problem can be attained by counseling only. It’s a time when none of your problems might get the right path to solve them. It’s a time when the students going for competitive exams need to put in the extra effort. They should start extra coaching to get appropriate results. A difficult time even for the students who are pursuing arts and law streams. Most of you want to excel in your fields and attain your objectives but many of you might not be able to attain your goals.
The stars of Health are in your favor. So time to enjoy good health with the least of the efforts to be put in from your side. A small piece of advice is to enjoy the time but without over-exerting yourself. If you over-exert yourself you may spoil your time of spending a week without tensions. Make a new schedule to see that you do not waste your energies and complete your daily tasks without any problem. So, if you plan your activities in this way it is sure that you might not face any problem of a serious kind. Some might face a problem of back trouble but this will be pacified because of your planning regarding your activities.

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