Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th April– 24th April 2022

Love and Relationships

Your relationship with your partner may not be up to the mark, and tireless efforts would be needed to get your love life back on track. Due to family concerns, you may not be able to spend time with your partner. Avoid showing negative feelings to sustain cordial relations. High probabilities for single Aquarians to find a suitable match for themselves and even finalise on marriage.


Health will remain strong.


Not particularly a great week ahead, says your weekly horoscope. This week may get you involved in a dispute or litigation. This week may entail substantial financial loss. Thus, if you are to take any financial decision, you need to postpone your decision. It may make your progress take a halt. However, take your self-confidence into account as an initiative during this period.


Your horoscope predicts it may bring you a little dynamism towards professional activities. You can try to forge your field of activity in a particular manner that boosts your workspace. In fact, your style of being bold and to the point might get you to reach a certain level of expertise. With a firm sense of commitment towards your job, you might have a highly desirable satisfaction.


Students may have to work harder than usual when it comes to maintaining their position in the class. With extra coaching classes and tuitions, Students may be able to do great at their upcoming exams. For students opting in for higher studies, you must look for opportunities and better career counselling to help you pave a path for a better future.

The Week’s Overview

This week will be moderately fruitful for you. In the beginning of the week, you will get a chance to interact with some of your old friends, which will bring back old memories. Mind will be happy. You will do things with enthusiasm and vivacity, which will improve life. You will get rid of old problems. The employed people will get good results of their hard work. This week will make progress for the business class. You can give some such offers so that your work will go ahead. Married people’s household life will be strong.There will be a lot of romance in the relationship, due to which you will come closer to each other and the relationship will become stronger. The week will be normal for people living a love life. You will move forward very fast in your relationship. Health will remain strong. There will be success in work. Students will get proper benefits of studies. Starting of the week will be good for travel purpose.

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