Leo Weekly Horoscope 10th April– 17th April 2022

Love and Relationships

Your family might bring a distinct sense of seriousness to your home. Try staying calm and not getting into the confrontation. This may help you take the tension away. There are further possibilities that you can get into an argument with your family because of your spouse or girl/boyfriend. Stay cool-headed and try to handle the citations diplomatically. This may keep you out of trouble.


This week might be blessed with happiness and healthy vibes. Enjoy it with minimum fuss and thus, keep away from the excess wind around you. Let yourself be updated with standard precautions and ailments. Any trouble regarding respiratory diseases might be well-attended to take care about the medications, and you can easily stay fit with good health and mental peace.


With the financial prospects running wild, you must keep track of your efforts and money equally. Most of all, your efforts won’t go exactly to waste. However, you need to focus on your objectives behind a task or an investment you make. People in the writing profession might make progress this week. However, this seems like a lean period. Try staying ahead with your plans.


This week might not seem like your week when it comes to your professional achievement. There is a possibility of a lot of hard work required from your end. This imbalance of efforts and results might end up disappointing you. However, take some learning from the situation. This experience might come in handy to make a principled and disciplined life without deviating from your purpose.


Your stars might not be bright; however, your pursuit for brightness has to come along this week. Most of the day, you might say you are disappointed due to your position in class or your examination result. Focus on the future. Try to bring out the difference between success and failure. Parents can try to help their children sort out the difficulties shortly.

The Week’s Overview

A lottery ticket bought by some of you may get the money. Hard work pays and this will come true in the case of students. So, a lucky week for some students who have worked hard for their exams or competition may be rewarded. A lucky week for sportspersons as many of them might perform well in their respective fields. Energy and enthusiasm will be a priority. Illness is not a topic of worry for the sportsman as you are going to enjoy a healthy week. Many of you might be lucky in the field of romance. You might receive positive vibes from your partner. A positive attitude makes the relationship strong and deep. Enjoyment is in the store of many with their loved ones. Excitement is in store for many of the singles. This excitement might be due to their meeting new people and for some, it may even turn into a relationship. Safety should be a priority for the children and the young ones. Protection should be given to them as some might have minor accidents or falls or injuries etc. A bit of advice is to keep them indoors and away from places that might cause them minor injuries.
In family affairs, no good predictions are being shown. A week where you may have differences with elders of your family and maybe particularly with your father. Good advice not to engage in such a conversation is not to get provoked. You should avoid getting excited by anything that may lead to arguments. If you keep yourself cool then you might be able to control the situation and avoid unnecessary tension. A week where your relations with other family members might also go wrong. You may have arguments with other family members of the house and in particular with your wife. Chill yourself and give responses without getting irritated and along with that combine facts and use the skills to avoid any kind of problems. It’s a week where our finances are also no on your side and so you should plan for your expenses.
The foretelling of the stars is showing very little or no favorable financial prospects for you this month. Many of you would find that your efforts are being wasted. Some of you would only be able to reach somewhere near to your goals. These all things are hinting at very little progress of any kind this week. A good time for the writers, poets, and others who might do well right now. Thus they will make arrangements for the future as they have a poor period ahead during the month. A bad time even for those who are looking for gains from the government. Their efforts would go in vain as for most of the people the result will not be in their favor. Avoid reflection, thoughts in every possible way.
The stars are not in favor of professional advancement for many of you. To achieve the goals you would put in a lot of effort but the returns would be nowhere near the efforts that have been put in by you. The imbalance created between your efforts and results can be seen in all areas of your professional life. Your association with gifted people would not be able to enrich your life as it did earlier. Influences from gifted people even include your associates and influential friends but none may be able to do many things for you. The compensating feature of this period might be your following the path of your principles. You’re being stuck on your principles and not deviating from them might create a sense of confidence. This confidence might be due to your not giving up principles for the sake of convenience.
The foretelling of the stars is not very good in the educational areas. Students who are going for higher studies might not see the right opportunities and distressing results in their efforts of not finding the right opportunities. A week that demands a lot of work from many of you to maintain a good position in the class. But many of you might not be able to achieve your goals. Advice for the students planning to go for competitive exams should go for extra coaching well in advance. This might turn out to be helpful to them in the adverse conditions of success and failure. At this time of adversity, the parents should stay firm and see that the difficulties get rid of slowly in the time to come.
Health is always at the top. And this week is very favorable in the case of health which you will enjoy with the least of confusion. A favorable week for the people suffering from the possibility of chronic disorders with reminders or similar complaints of the digestive tract like flatulence and excess wind. They would be experiencing a week of relief. If they keep their diet and treatment normally then they might find relief from their disorders. For some it is necessary to be careful regarding liver problems. This is true if you have already been suffering from it in the past. No need to worry so much on this front. You might just need an appropriate tonic that would keep you fit.

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