Islamists who appreciated secularism when they offered Namaz in Devi Pandals, but Hindus playing Holi near a mosque offended them

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Holi, the festival of colors and unbridled happiness, fills India with immaculate vibes, as the Hindus celebrate it fervently, creating an ambience of victory over evil. However, Hindu festivals are purposely interrupted by radical elements in the society. Multiple cases of disruption of harmony during Holi by Muslims explicitly insinuates that the way Hinduphobia is increasing rapidly in the country, and neighboring Islamic countries, is a clarion call for Hindu community. India is a homeland of different religious festivals and cultures, all have their own ways to celebrate their festivals, and constitution ensures freedom. Some celebrate them by cutting trees to decorate them in their homes, and pray to their God, while some celebrate their festivals by slashing animals and offering them to their God, creating a bloody scenario which gladdens them unbelievably. Likewise, Hindus celebrate their festival of colors by dancing and coloring each other. But when it comes to Hindus rejoicing their festivals joyously, the activists and other religious people are seen creating a chaos in the country where they feel Hindus can’t celebrate their festivals as they are a majority in a particular area or state where their sympathizers are in power.

During Holi celebrations in the country yesterday, some disturbing incidents happened which are apparently alarming for Hindus to contemplate their plight if they don’t speak against this Hinduphobia which is excessively stopping them from following their culture due to fear of political vultures and Islamists. One incident from West Bengal, a land of communal chaos, happened where Hindus celebrating Holi in an area of Muslims, carrying an idol of Krishna, were maliciously thrashed by police. In this video, Hindus are seen running due to political terror orchestrated on them by police. Moreover, in Uttar Pradesh, where political parties intend to show Muslim community as a scared community, many incidents happened, enticing communal tension in the state. In a Muslim dominating area of Amroha, Muslims have pelted stones on Hindus celebrating Holi on the streets from their terraces, only because they think dj and colors aren’t allowed where five times namaz is forced on Hindus living in this same area. Another incident happened in Bareilly where Hindus celebrating Holi in a Muslim street were brutally thrashed by Muslims for hurting colors, it was certainly a clear intention of lynching.

Unfortunately, it is a glimpse of India where letting Muslims offer namaz in Devi pandals is secularism, but celebrating Holi in a Muslim dominating area is communal. Where being mentally coerced to listen to namaz five times a day through loud speakers is religious freedom, but the colors of Holi offend Muslims and seculars. Multiple examples of this pseudo secular hypocrisy can be presented on the table, yet nothing can make liberals and politicians think that Hinduphobia is soaring up unstoppably and they have responsibly mothered it. 

Hinduphobia doesn’t have a single definition such as offended Muslims creating unnecessary chaos in Hindu festivals, it has certainly several definitions which are more dangerous for Hindus as they are not visible enough to recognize hinduphobia. It is a cunning way of utilizing hypocrite version of liberalism, activism and Secularism. Surprising? We might have been routinely told to show kindness and reduce our happiness on our festivals by celebrities, cricketers and politicians, by stopping using crackers on Diwali as environment is too vulnerable on Hindu festivals, and save water on Holi as the earth lacks water on Hindu festivals. This forced sense of guilt is imposed on us on every festival by occasional environmentalists and activists who are generally seen relishing non-vegetarian foods on Islamic festivals, and Christians. As they believe animals along with environment are susceptible only on Hindu festivals.

They lecture Hindus through interview, videos, commercial ads, and personal interactions, exhibiting their hypocrite activism. Within few decades, this culture to inject guilt in Hindus celebrating their festivals joyously, has thrived which is why secular Hindus are mentally enslaved to behave apologetically, following their culture and festivals, and fall for secularism that celebrates the blood of animals on secular festivals without any guilt. As they know Islamists and Christians will shove this activism into where it was born, that’s why they eschew giving lectures to them. 

Several incidents of Muslims disturbing the harmony of the states during Holi have been reported, still nobody could be seen condemning these incidents, let alone vilifying the accused. As they are aware of the fact that secularism is not speaking against the accused if he happens to be a Muslim. However, they can be seen weaving new stories of Muslim victims by using their figments to create new version to whitewash the sins and promote this hatred towards Hindus. So that their activism can survive in the country. 

It is a tight slap for those hypocrites who hatefully denigrate Hindus whenever any Muslim is beaten for something, they start blaming Hindus without any proof, as all they need is an identity of Muslim, and they deliberately abuse Hinduism, but these hateful insects can’t utter a single word for Hindus being lynched for celebrating their religious freedom on festivals. It’s utterly preposterous to remind them of these facts, as they are familiar with them and still choose to cling to their hypocrisy because that’s what helps them earn fee pennies through chaos and communal disturbance. 

Ever wondered why such incandescent incidents  don’t happen on Eid or Christmas? As Hindus never intend to spoil non Hindu festivals, instead, we Hindus affably join the celebrations, showing the real secularism. But, for this affability and amiability toward Muslims, Hindus are gifted chaos, tension, and disharmony on their festivals, and sadly, now in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, on Hindu festivals, temples are attacked and plundered. Hindus are lynched, raped and humiliated for practicing their Dharma in a country of Muslim Majority. What is pretty flabbergasting, is a truth that when they are a majority in a country, they attack Hindus, and being a minority of 30 crores, they still attack Hindus for following their Dharma unapologetically. And secularism firmly stands behind them. 

Hinduphobia strongly states that mental slavery must be instilled in Hindus, so that they are uncontrollably uncomfortable to practice their culture, and celebrate their religious beliefs. First, they need to be bewildered by toxic secularism which powerfully enfeebles their brains to even question it, and then an insurmountable sense of guilt must be inscribed in their thinking which won’t let them see how great their culture is! And then their strength must be chained by fake Bhaichara ( social amiability amongst people) so that they can’t be capable of climbing out this confusion, and speak against it. 

It trains us to victimize the accused and accuse the victims. Which is why secular Hindus can’t see this sweltering reality vividly as they have been blinkered by the fabricated secularism that demands hypocrisy. It inspires us to offer our shrines to them for Namaz, while they pelt stone at kids playing Holi near the mosque, and lynch Hindus. It demands us to endure pain, insult, and violence, but don’t retaliate. For, its invention was truly to paralyze Hindus so that these lobbies of masochists can relish the painful screams of Hindus which are insanely mellifluous to these people like they rejoiced genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, now they are agog to behold this happening in all parts of India. That’s why they are selling unfathomable hatred and support to radical Islamists to harm Hindus on the ground as they are fully equipped and trained to safeguard them afterwards if required. 

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