Indians and their love for Italian food


Indians have a soft corner for all kinds of foods because every meal is a celebration. Every man is a chance to connect and bond with the people around you. India is popular for using spices and creating combinations that the whole world marvels at. Even a single food item like bread has more than 50 different varieties. However, there is one common thing that binds everyone. It is the love for a hearty and delicious pizza.

Indians love Italian food because of the balance of flavors. Right from creamy pasta to a delicious pizza everybody has their own personal favorites when it comes to Italian food. Dominos has a long list of dishes you can try. With every single bite, you will feel closer to Italy and get lost in the swirl of flavors. A meal with friends and family with Italian food on the table makes for a great memory.

Order authentic Italian food from Dominos

Domino’s is a paradise for pizza and pasta lovers. There are scrumptious varieties of pasta which are perfect for when you are craving Italian food. You can get the creamy tomato pasta jalapenos pasta in the veg or non-veg category. The creamy tomato pasta is full of veggies like onions, olives, and green capsicum, topped with parsley. The Cheesy Jalapeno pasta is true to its name and is stuffed with Cheesy Jalapeno sauce, onions, and Jalapeno. If you are the adventurous kind and want to mix the goodness of Indian flavors with the robustness of an Italian dish the Tikka Masala pasta is the dish for you.

The famous pizzas at Dominos

Domino’s has a rich history of making the best pizzas. There is a pizza for every person no matter what kind of pizza you like. The vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian options, are a lot and you are so sure to get confused when you order. If you are a fan of cheese then you are in for a real treat at Dominos. These jewels are dedicated to those who like the pizzas extra cheesy. The 4 Cheese Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Double Cheese Margherita, and Chicken Dominator are a trip to heaven for those who order the pizza for the cheese. If you are a die-hard fan then you cannot miss out on the Cheese Burst crust. The cheesy pizza Dominos is freshly made whenever you place an order. This is why every time you bite into your pizza you get lost in the unbelievable taste that comes with high-quality ingredients.

The secret behind the unique taste

Fusion of flavors has always been a unique point of Dominos. Domino’s has managed to combine the 2 well-loved food items pizza and paste. A soft crust topped with pasta and yummy sauce is the highlight of Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza. If you are a fan of veggies then you cannot go wrong with Creamy Tomato Pasta Pizza which contains green capsicum, yellow bell peppers, and black olives along with creamy tomato pasta topping. The pasta is cooked perfectly and the sauce is of the perfect consistency. These two things make all the difference and ensure every time you order Italian food from Dominos you are not disappointed.

Non vegetarian option at Domino’s

The non-vegetarian option at Domino’s is sure to satiate your cravings for meaty pizza. Chicken Dominator, Chicken Maximus, and the Five Chicken Feast pizza are examples of how you can enjoy succulent meat with every bite. Domino’s combines delicate flavors like Barbecue Chicken with the explosive flavors of India like Chicken Keema. For non-veg lovers, Domino’s provides pizzas with almost 10 different kinds of chicken preparations. The combination of succulent meats and fresh vegetables can make you feel like you’re seating in a restaurant in Italy.

Thankfully, it is easy to order from Domino’s. All you need to do is pick up your phone and download the free app or go on the website and order. Domino’s has a great selection of Italian food that you are sure to enjoy.

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