How to Make Friends Online Safely

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Whether you’re using instant messaging apps or chatting on social networks, it’s important to follow certain rules. For starters, don’t tell too much about yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else, and don’t share your exact location. People often mistakenly assume that you are not interested in them when they read your profile, so keep it simple and keep your profile and messages to yourself.

Avoid telling too much about yourself

While it may be tempting to open up and share too much about yourself on the internet, it is best to maintain a certain amount of distance. According to Julie Fitness, a psychology professor at Macquarie University, online contact is a balance between protection and sharing. She suggests that people should not present their best selves but also be truthful and modest. Fortunately, this is easier said than done, especially when people have a lot in common.

Although you may have met someone new online and struck up a conversation, avoid sharing too much personal information too quickly. If you’re unsure about a new acquaintance, try to limit the conversation to topics you have in common. If you do decide to reveal more personal information, do so slowly. You may even feel uncomfortable sharing private details early on. However, if you’re comfortable sharing such information, it’s okay to tell your new friend the first few times you meet her.

Avoid pretending to be someone else

You’re probably not the only person who has tried to avoid pretending to be someone else to make friends and connections on social networking sites. You may have also wondered why people would want to hide their identity while online. One reason for this may be emotional pain. Pretending to be someone else occupies their mind, preventing them from thinking about or feeling their pain. This emotional pain may be connected to issues with your family, problems with your peers, or even things that happened in your first five years.

Making friends online is a great way to establish connections with people from far away, but it can also lead you down a dangerous path if you’re not careful. It’s much easier to manipulate someone online than they are in person, so you need to be very cautious when talking to someone you’ve met in person. Also, make sure you don’t pretend to be someone else if you’re not who they say you are. Then, you’ll have less commitment to make.

Always remember that people who share their friends don’t necessarily exist. If they don’t, you shouldn’t trust them. You can make friends by sharing safety tips with them. When you’re in a new social networking site, ask friends to come along, and don’t reveal too much information about yourself too soon. Remember, safety is in numbers! There’s no reason to risk a dangerous online relationship.

Avoid telling too much about your location

It is not always a good idea to give personal information to other people who you meet online, especially on dating sites. Never give out your exact location or other personal details. This includes your age, sex, and country of origin. Also, avoid giving your full name, work location, and city. It is best to keep personal information private until you have gotten to know the person better.

While it is perfectly acceptable to share your location with your friends, it is not a good idea to reveal your location to everyone. Burglars have been known to monitor social media accounts. They might see that your house is empty and this makes it a prime target for a robber. Moreover, location sharing lets people know where you are at any given time. Sharing your location is safe with your family and friends, but it may not be safe to share your location with strangers. For example, jealous ex-partners might use this information to meet you.

Avoid telling too much about your interests

When making friends online, you should avoid sharing too much about yourself. People don’t know your background, so it’s best to stay away from asking too personal questions. It’s also a good idea to think twice before you answer questions with sensitive personal information. If you must share information about yourself, it’s best to ask only about things you can trust. Avoid talking about yourself to strangers, especially when you’re on dating sites.

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