How To Buy A Used Generator Online

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Thanks to the development of technology, you can now shop for everything online, including generators. If you are planning to buy a generator for either your home or business, but you are on a limited budget, you may consider purchasing a used one. There are plenty of used generators for sale online that are still in perfect condition and will serve you more. 

However, the main challenge is how to ensure that you are buying a good generator. In this article, we give you tips that can help you buy a used generator online. Let’s get started!

1. Know the age of the generator

First thing first, before you go ahead and pull out your checkbook, you need to know how old the generator is. This is a smart move. The last thing you want is to purchase a generator that’s too old and won’t work properly. Ask the seller about the generator’s year of manufacture as well as how many years of active use it has received. Generally, a generator that is a few months old and has a few hours on is more likely to serve you well and much longer.

2. Research on the make and model

Remember that buying a used generator is almost the same as buying a used car. The make and the model are very important. Do a bit of research on the generator’s manufacturer as well as the model of the generator. You need to make sure that the generator is from a brand with a history of quality. When it comes to generators, you get what you pay for. So if you are looking to save a few dollars, you may just end up choosing a low-grade model.

3. Match the features to your needs

This is a very step that will help you choose the right generator that suits your needs. Does the voltage matter to you? What about its fuel type, breaker size, and uptime hours? There are certain technical features that are crucial, and it is vital to know what you need before you go ahead and purchase your generator.

4. Receive a written quote

If you have seen a used generator for sale online that suits your needs, you need to request a written quote. This is important regardless of whether you are buying it from a dealer or through a selling platform. This gives you a copy of your transaction records. It can also help prevent any kind of miscommunication in the long term. 

5. Request for dealer testing and certification

If you are buying your used generator from a dealer online, you should ask for testing and certification policies. A good dealer must ensure that all generators available for sale have passed vigorous tests. This can protect you from buying a sub-standardized generator and even protect your money.

6. Understand shipping procedures

Buying a used generator online means that it could be thousands of miles away.  So you need to understand how the generator will be delivered to you and after how long. A good dealer should have a great shipping system in place that ensures that you will receive the generator quickly and reliably.

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