Aries Weekly Horoscope 3rd April– 9th April 2022


Love and Relationships

Love and marital relationships would be on the ordinary side of things. The chances of being discovered in a sneaky relationship are not looking good. Some of you may find yourself in difficult circumstances because of Rahu and the Sun transit. Someone in your acquaintance group may spark your interest. Make an effort to spend quality time together and avoid making any decisions in a rush.


Hand and nerve problems might have a negative impact on your health. Some of you may experience stress as a result of your job load. Participating in meditation and yoga classes can be quite beneficial in these situations. Avoid becoming agitated about minor issues since the passage of Mars and Rahu might exacerbate your aggressive tendencies. Meditation may work wonders.


If you plan ahead of time and employ various investing strategies, then saving money is possible. It is expected to incur costs while taking language classes for the first time. The transit of Venus and Mercury is likely to increase spending on communication gadgets, improvements to the interior, and even personal grooming. Siblings and friends might request financial assistance.


A family company might present unexpected obstacles in one’s professional life. The transit of the Sun might cause the ego to increase, so maintain a cheerful and humble attitude. Communication and email would play a significant role this week. It is possible to achieve success in a short business endeavour. Luck is going to be on the side of professional lawyers or independent contractors. Just make no rash decisions.


Writing a test may not yield the intended results. Thus it is recommended that you take a positive attitude rather than being hostile. The transit of Mars and Saturn might restrict your social circle. The possibility of studying in a foreign language is high. This week, the student would receive assistance and support in relation to their studies. Higher studies would bring you success.

The Week’s Overview

Sorry lovers, but this week may reveal your secret relationship. Married couple and love couple, you don’t have to worry about the revelation but your boat is also sailing in a stormy ocean. Make sure this week you communicate and commit to everything you do, especially your relationship. Rahu and Sun transit can create challenging times.
You might get attracted to someone in your friend circle and the week will bless you to kickstart that relationship. Transit of Mars may present you with presents and parties. Because of Rahu and Mercury transit, your childlike personality can lead to arguments with your spouse.
Sit with your laptop and make a spreadsheet to plan your investments, expenses, and savings. The stars predict that you may get to travel back home. Learning a new language is also on the cards. Changes in your home’s interior, electronic devices and gadgets, and self-grooming may eat your expenses because of the transit of Venus and Mercury. Your siblings and friends can ask you for financial help. Avoid any major investments in real estate or government-related.
The family business can give you sudden speed breakers in your career. Sun’s transit can raise your ego so you are advised to have a positive and humble attitude. Email oh emails will play a very important role in your workplace. Short business trips and meeting with your seniors can give you success.
Changes in the business plan can give workload so don’t make any hasty decisions. Don’t indulge yourself in any project without proper verification. Lawyers and freelancers, luck will be in your favour. Professionals are likely to land good clients. Writing related careers or publishing businesses may give good financial returns this week.
Mars and Saturn transit can cut your fake friends so you are advised to focus on yourself, on your studies, rather than getting sad. Your interest may pique towards occult science or tarot card reading. Students will get guidance in their courses and will succeed in higher studies.
Stress may eat you too because of some health issues. And this can add to your challenge of continuing your studies. The planets suggest participating in meditation or yoga class or doing some exercise to improve your concentration span.
Hand and nerves-related issues can affect your health. Excessive use of gadgets can cause stress to your eyes. The workload can stress you out too. All this becomes the reason for your sleep discomfort. Mars and Rahu transit can increase aggressive behaviour in you, so avoid getting aggressive on small things.

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