Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 3rd April– 9th April 2022


Love and Relationships

Be considerate towards your partner during this week as there seems to be a possibility of facing complications and disputes. Make sure you don’t annoy your beloved else; there are possibilities of major clashes between both of you. Be honest with your partner and keep a long-term viewpoint in mind let-go things. Those who are in courtship for long can expect to get wedded this week.


Your planetary positions indicate this is a not-so-good time on the health front. You may find yourself back amongst your older health issues. Be alert and consult a doctor before the situation is complicated. There are chances of sudden illness ruining your mental peace. Keep a strict watch on your food intake and prefer healthy cuisine. Don’t miss your exercise.


The financial front will not be easy. Earning money will need a lot of effort from your side. Opportunities for earning will be limited, and spending will be on the rise. Be happy with whatever you gain this week. The hard work you put in now might give you better results in the coming weeks. Avoid investing in any avenues, says your weekly financial horoscope.


You may see only challenges coming towards you during this week. All you need to do is keep yourself strong and face them. Keep yourself relaxed, as only this can give you strength and wisdom to overcome such challenges. Planning your time correctly is one way to handle the situation. You may be required to help your colleague with some assignments. Keep a very positive mind frame.


Taking your studies very earnestly is what the stars suggest. Your efforts would have to be extremely focused as that is the only way you may gain success. If your efforts are impeccable, the outcomes may surely be in your favour. For the preparations for your exams, keep taking regular counselling from your mentor/tutor. Tutors and guides might find this an excellent week.

The Week’s Overview

Those who are about to get married soon may have to postpone it. But relax, it has been delayed, not denied. Take out your backpack and go to an exotic destination to de-stress yourself. Business owners might have to reconsider their future ambitions and goals. This has been a good week for the real estate industry. There are good chances for them to get profit from both existing and new property transactions. New enterprises could take off, and companies can thrive. Teachers are going to get the appreciation that they deserve for their commitment to teaching.
Get ready to get a surprise from your lover. Your stars say, ”step out and celebrate this time for love”. And those cherished moments are going to develop intense feelings for your love. Now it makes it the perfect time to propose to your lover. Couples who are hoping for a newborn can hear good news. According to the weekly love horoscope, singles are likely to meet someone incredibly appealing in the most unexpected place.
Your stars say that it is going to be a financially challenging week. Money gains may be minimal and could not be fantastic. As a result, it is critical to exercise caution when managing your finances. All you have to do is to cut out unnecessary spending and save properly. You might have to settle for only a little monetary reward. Despite this, your financial situation is likely to get better this week. Regardless of how little you have achieved, something is better than nothing.
This week appears to be difficult not only in terms of finances but also in terms of professional life. On the other hand, positive feelings may keep you calm this week. These hobbies can be both relaxing and enjoyable. It might give you the strength and understanding you require to confront the challenges that await you this week. You want to finish the unfinished task and make room for new ones. This week, prepare to be a standout performer or lend a helping hand to any of your coworkers.
The week encourages kids to pursue higher education, which may benefit them in the long run. This week can be a wonderful time for you to put in some extra effort to boost your knowledge. This is a good week to pursue and master your hobbies. This might allow you to improve your grades in all areas of study. Those who have been studying for a longer period this week can get great results owning to their preparation. Make no mistake, just make the most of this week’s educational experiences.
On the health front, things may not be looking well. A previous health issue might resurface this week. You have to stay vigilant and consult doctor as soon as possible before things get worse. It is recommended that you not cheat on your diet if you are trying to lose weight. So it is advisable to do some exercise. This is the week in which you must pay special attention to your diet. If you aren’t careful with your health, there are chances of having stomach problems.

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