Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 17th April– 24th April 2022


Love and Relationships

There will be moments to remember and treasure. Keep your thoughts and actions positive, and you will find your days gleeful. Positiveness will eradicate ill-fillings and fill your heart with love. There are chances that you may get a proposal during this week. If you have any plans to propose to your love, go ahead and do it as the results could be in your favour.


Overall, your health will be good except for the last day of the week. Some health care will have to be taken during the journey. On the last day you will be a bit lethargic due to exhaustion and restlessness due to insomnia. Those who have the habit of overeating and eating more delicious food, they will have to keep restraint now. Do not rush in any work, otherwise injury may occur.


Finances seem to be great this week. There are indications that you may earn a good profit from your past investments allowing you additional cash. There are also chances to earn some extra income from speculative sources. You might need to enhance your savings to use it on a rainy day. Aquarian natives into the business of trading or export-import could see some higher gains.


Hard work will be your key to success during this week. Keep track of your work and make sure you complete your tasks on time. There might be constant intrusions and obstructions in whatever missions you undertake during this week. However, it is important not just to face it strongly but also to remain watchful on how to handle them tactfully. Handle the situation professionally and diplomatically.


There are good reasons for you to be happy and charged-up as you will be satisfied with the progression in your learning. These good phases of learning will improve your confidence. It is advised to take support from your tutors/preceptors wherever needed. Anyone wanting to take some lessons in extracurricular coaching may find themselves getting enrolled. Overall a good week for learning activities.

The Week’s Overview

This week will be great for you. You may be on a long journey in the beginning of the week. Yoga is being made to visit some pilgrimage place. Married people will be very romantic about their married life and will give love to their spouse. Will make excuses to get closer to them. Someone in a nice dress will bring a good gift for them. People living a love life will go a long way in their relationship and will plan a day with their beloved. You can go for a walk anywhere.Students will get a positive environment in studies and they will progress in studies. This week will be good for the business class. You will get benefit because of you. The employed people will have to believe in themselves in connection with the work. Gotta move on. Be a little careful with your teammates, as they will work against you, but you will make a name for yourself with your efficiency. The week will be good for travelling.

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