A blood soaked political dictatorship is bedaubing West Bengal with ineffaceable shame, and turning it into a new trinamool hell with violence


West Bengal might be culturally enriched and potentially famous for its history, but it is unfortunately witnessing the worst now. From colonial tactics of creating chaos in the state to the ruling party’s political terror, it has its own history of political violence, killings and anti Hindu politics. Bengal has been a glamorously decked arena of dictatorship in the guise of politics. Whoever ruled this state, orchestrated their cruelty against the political rivals, and the culture of lawlessness and violence against everyone who speaks against the ruling party, has powerfully flourished. And in this game of power, only public has suffered, and is still suffering.

On 22nd March, after a murder of TMC leader, multiple houses were set ablaze avenging the murder of the leader by an unidentified mob clearly sponsored by the ruling party, and around 10 people have been completely charred including women and kids. This is the state where vociferous leaders live and yell in parliament against the other govts, clothing this bloody culture of Bengal which kills the opponents for sabotaging the political rivalry. Other political parties like BJP and CPIM have blamed TMC for this violence, and unveiled anti Hindu agenda of the CM. 

The visuals are horrifying, but still the ruling party wants to silence everyone, utilizing their ancient tricks of tackling outrage against the govt by blaming them back, and playing the victim card, as if nobody is familiar with this demeanor of TMC party. What happened after the elections in Bengal is a testament of frustrated dictatorship of Mamta Banerjee. TMC had unleashed its political hatred against the Hindus, killed them, and made them flee Bengal to save their lives. However, this party is too secular to be questioned. As the yelling forte of TMC leaders is scary enough for people living in the state. That’s why even after destroying law and order in the state, and vile attempts to throttle democracy oftentimes with this type of political and misuse of power, CM Banerjee proudly slogans Khela hobe which killed Hindus and pandered anti Hindu elements to do anything in the state without fear of legal action. As nobody can dare speak against the party. Fear is their political armor which they have been seen planting in people of Bengal for years. 

The incident where the houses were burnt, occurred in a district Birbhum which is infamous for its history of political killings. Bengal is certainly on the verge of lawlessness, where the ruling party wants to silence, kill and wipe out the opponents completely to immortalize their rule. And these incidents of violence sponsored by the state refute all their political clarification.  

TMC leaders can be generally seen normalizing the killings and violence on the pretext of their fictitious kind of democracy which is too cruel to let the opponents even live freely and fearlessly. They question the BJP govts in other states and ask them to maintain law and order, ironically they also flaunt their ways of strengthening law and order and freedom of speech, but the reality laughs at them. Law and order is just a fairytale in Bengal, where Hindus can’t celebrate their festivals, they can’t vote someone else, and they can’t live if they support another party. Still TMC leaders can talk about democracy in the parliament tirelessly, and hypocrisy shines in their eyes shamelessly. 

Bengal under Banerjee’s dictatorship is forced to breathe the fire of violence. TMC party’s penchant for violence in the state and blaming others for it, is insurmountable. And the worst thing is, it’s rapidly increasing unstoppably. TMC party is notoriously prevalent for abusing people from other states, and this hatred has been deeply injected in the minds of Bengalis along with a personal privilege of being treated well in other states. They want others not to treat them as outsiders, but treat outsiders as if Bengal is not a part of India. 

A chief minister is excessively allergic to a Hindu chanting, but purports to be highly secular towards other religions. And surprisingly, even the media hails her hypocrite version of secularism. A member of parliament of TMC Mahua Moitra who is known for shouting unnecessarily in the parliament, attacks Hindus directly by mudslinging Bjp for any kind of incident happens against any Muslim and politicizing incidents, but currently she can be seen attacking BJP for speaking against the govt. This attitude of being uncontrollably infuriated is exposing their hatred towards the Hindus and their chagrin for democracy. 

These people routinely target the central govt, accusing them of not providing jobs, never tell how many jobs TMC party has provided. They look ridiculous when they brazenly talk about democracy and freedom of speech, ignoring how cruelly TMC is killing this right in Bengal. These bunglers can speak for hours against BJP, but fail to see what type of hell they are willing to make in Bengal. A state where the opponents are attacked before elections, where arson against the voters is created, where avenging the murder of a party leader, innocent people are lynched, burnt and forced to skedaddle, is a state that was widely known for the nationalists like Bose. 

This is a matter of concern as a CM considers herself a dictator, who knows no boundaries to insult the governor of the state, even Prime Minister, and manacles democracy powerfully. Moreover, She boldly expresses her pride over political terror she has given a birth to, and gets annoyed when Hindus worship their deities, chanting Jai Shri Ram. She has made Bengal so secular that Jai Shri Ram sounds communal there. 

People are mercilessly burnt and killed by her political frustration and religious rancor, however she is ridiculously presented as Maa Durga by TMC leaders who stopped Hindus from celebrating Durga festival. They hardly understand anything religious. For them, even mahishasur is worth respecting. But, it depends on their agenda. Since they are unbelievably imbecile to grasp the meaning of Maa Durga, they opine in order to become Durga one is supposed to kill, but they haven’t been taught to kill the evil, so they ended up believing in killing everyone who speaks, and questions them. And this is convincingly a horrible threat to democracy in the state because where a CM is obsessed with violence, then democracy surely will disgust her. 

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