89% Indians believe govt initiatives can enhance cyber defences

(IANS) Nearly 89 per cent of Indians who surveyed believe that the government-led initiatives can play a critical role in enhancing nations’ cyber defences, a new report showed on Monday.

While 60 per cent of Indians identified lack of in-house implementation expertise as a barrier to implementation, only 35 per cent of Indians claim to have fully implemented appropriate software supply chain risk management policies and processes, according to the report by cybersecurity company Trellix.

“Global tensions and cyber-warfare incidents in Ukraine sharpen our focus on the cyber readiness of government and critical infrastructure,” said Bryan Palma, CEO of Trellix.

“Our report assesses the progress of new technology implementation, like XDR (extended detection and response). It also identifies areas of opportunity for stronger public-private partnerships, where increased coordination will keep us ahead of our adversaries,” he added.

Nearly 32 per cent of Indian respondents claim to have fully implemented cloud cybersecurity modernisation.

About 59 per cent of Indians support government mandates demanding cybersecurity standards for software.

“But respondents from all three countries are concerned there could be drawbacks to such mandates,” the report added.

Nearly 51 per cent of Indian respondents believe such mandates could result in government requirements that are too complex and ultimately too expensive to implement.

About 60 per cent of Indian respondents identified a lack of implementation expertise as one of the biggest barriers to implementation.

While 59 per cent of Indians believe that their government could provide more funding to organisations such as theirs to improve cybersecurity, 53 per cent favour tighter cooperation on the investigation of attacks following their discovery, the report noted.

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