5 Tips for Men Who Want to Update Their Look in 2022

pair of brown leather casual shoes on table
Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

If you’re feeling bored of your everyday look or want to get back on the dating scene or go for some new jobs, your wardrobe’s update can be needed to refresh your style and vibe. If you’re keen to do this but don’t know where to start, though, read on for five essential tips to help you. 

Declutter Your Closet

Firstly, take the time to go through all your clothing items and get rid of as many things as possible that you don’t need. To update your look, get clear on what you already own and what does and doesn’t work for you these days. Say goodbye to anything outdated, damaged, and unrepairable, ill-fitting, and that you simply don’t like anymore. This will help make room for the new gear you buy and make it easier to understand what pieces you need to purchase to complete some outfits.

Get Inspiration 

Next, it pays to look for fashion inspiration so you get some ideas about the new look you want to aim for. Check out magazine and blog articles about men’s summer fashion for 2022 and watch the social media posts of influencers and those whose styles you respect for updates and pointers. 

Take note of the fashionable people in your life and what they wear for inspiration, too, and do some people watching on the streets or in bars and cafes to get an understanding of how people put their looks together and what jumps out at you that you’d like to take on board for your own style. 

This research will help you pick up on some types of clothing you want to buy and, once you look through your closet, give you some leads on how to mix and match items out of what you own now to create new looks. 

Test Out Some New Trends

If you’re going to refresh your signature style, you might as well have some fun playing around with some of the latest trends for this year to see if you enjoy any of them and want to incorporate them into your long-term wardrobe collection. You don’t have to worry about outlaying a tremendous amount of money on items you may not get too much wear out of when you want to test them, either, since many designers and affordable stores create lower-cost on-trend pieces that won’t break the bank.

You could, for instance, test out trends such as flared trousers, heavy chains, varsity jackets, noticeable collars, vests, and gear made out of velvet. 

Try Different Colors and Styles

You don’t need only to mix things up when it comes to trends, either. You can also try new colors of clothing and new styles of products. For example, do you tend to rely on a black-heavy wardrobe selection or lots of items in neutral shades? If so, why not test out a bunch of more colorful products that will brighten your look right up? 

Alternatively, if you wear a lot of loose, casual clothing, you could start incorporating more form-fitting, structured pieces to elevate your style. Or, if you typically wear quite dressed-up gear, you could add some more casual graphic tees, comfy jeans, and everyday sneakers into the mix. Just try to be open and see how you feel when trialing different designs, as you could be surprised by the zing you feel from even these minimal wardrobe updates. 

Give Yourself a Weekly Fashion Challenge

Another idea is to challenge yourself weekly to refresh your rejuvenate your look. If you find that you have good intentions to make some changes but don’t commit to them, a weekly challenge might give you the impetus you need. You might like to pair up with a friend or colleague, and both do the same challenge each time and give each other constructive feedback along the way. 

For instance, you could decide to wear a particular color once a week that you don’t usually rely on or add more print to your look. You could prompt yourself to find new ways of combining the gear you already own to create new styles, or even get bolder with accessories. Play around with the shoes, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, and other pieces you can use to complete your outfits and change things up. 

As you can see, there are multiple methods to generate a new vibe for yourself fashion-wise in 2022. Don’t be afraid to seek help, though, if you struggle to feel confident in your choices, and try to look at the project as a fun way to bring more interest and excitement to your weeks. 

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