“भय बिनु होइ न प्रीति” the Ramayana formula which helped Yogi Adityanath establish harmony in the state where communal riots were an infamous identity of Uttar Pradesh


After the sweltering political activities in Uttar Pradesh elections, the much awaited Ram Navami processions started with saffron flags and mellifluous chanting of Jai Shri Ram by the young youths wearing saffron scarves and clothes, creating a joyful ambience in the state. Although other political parties chose to avoid wishing Hindus on Ram Navami, fearing to hurt the sentiments of  their Muslim vote bank, yet the enthusiasm was passionately enhanced by Yogi and BJP leaders across the country. Saffron flags dancing in the sky, the rain of flowers on the Shobha Yatra, and loud, but euphonious religious chanting and songs playing on DJs made Hindus dance on the roads and celebrate Navami cheerfully as the administration has guaranteed safety and harmony. However things were quite distressing in other parts of India. 

The day which Hindus were eagerly waiting for, with unexplainable alacrity for Ram Navami celebrations, unfortunately began with some disturbing piece of news coming from several states where Ram Navami processions were attacked, stone pelted and obstructed with violence by Muslim mob. While Hindus were elated to feel exhilarated rejoicing the birthday of Shri Ram, radical Muslims were intrinsically enticed to attack Hindus in order to evince their prolonging obstinate desire to spread hate and disrupt harmony of India during Hindu celebrations. 

From Gujarat to Jharkhand, MP to west Bengal, rallies were belligerently attacked with stones, and guns, debunking all secular sophistry about peace loving Muslims. While almost all states witnessed violence and furor, no such incidents have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, the state which was seen leading in having this tainted image of riots and disharmony. Under Yogi, riots are actually a blurry dream for anti harmony elements in the state, as fear of CM Yogi’s zero tolerance theory against these elements has excellently been engraved in last five years. Yogi is categorically adept at handling riots, and maintaining law and order in any hazardous situation, which is proved by his sublime performance during Caa protests under which anti Hindu riots erupted in Delhi. Even the flames of this fire couldn’t enter up, some embers tried to create a confusing situation in Uttar Pradesh, but Yogi knew well how to stifle these flames and eventually he snuffed them out instantly. 

This reference ‘भय बिनु होइ न प्रीति’from the Ramayana is proving how peace is maintained in a state where the man on the chair is familiar with the ways of how to instill fear in hateful elements and throttle their dreams of creating arson, and spreading violence. Factually, riots are always planned before weapons are used, and rioters are trained and pandered by secret  vicious people sitting in power or kicked out of power. That’s why such inflammatory incidents happen often in those states where Bjp isn’t in power, as in non Bjp states political parties cajole Muslim community to a high level where they don’t flinch to let them orchestrate terror on Hindu festivals. This fearlessness of Muslims to target Hindus maliciously has been minced by Yogi. 

Remembering the first two years of Yogi government, we can unmistakably understand how he managed to implement this formula in the state, consequently he squelched this perpetual penchant of Muslims to express their power secretly given by the political parties which are enamored with them. It wasn’t a task of one night. It took years to entrench a threat in rioters and hoodlums who were mentally enslaved by political party in power to believe that they can threaten, attack and murder Hindus to expand their fear in people living in UP. Time to time, his strong actions taken aggressively against these hooligans and their sympathizers weakened their backbone of horror and they are currently now on the verge of oblivion. Fear of constitution without any political benefits is embedded in their minds as such if they attack any person, damage public or private property in the lieu of protests or something, they will face dire legal actions. They also know unlike other states they won’t be spared as Yogi doesn’t believe in forgiveness for rioters and hoodlums. He has obliterated pernicious mentality of attackers who think they can evade any legal action for being minority and political support. 

Ever since, he started to raze down the properties of hooligans, Mafias and criminals in UP, even the most wanted ones are seen begging for mercy and surrender in front of UP police to elude encounter and save their properties. Which is why Yogi is now known as Bulldozer Baba who not only sabotages properties of criminals, but also implies the message which overtly depicts the outcome of riots, disturbance and ruckus in UP. 

Fear is required to establish harmony, this mantra has been convincingly refuted all theories of good governance. As it is apparently not against any citizen living peacefully in UP. The Gutted Political parties conniving with jilted Islamic groups, and liberal lobbies made strenuous efforts to disparage Yogi, questioning his secularism and labelling him hatemonger oftentimes to gladden Muslims, specially for his staunch, and unapologetic Hindutvadi image which is noticeably a threat to their propaganda that thrives on secularism embraced by Hindus. As secularism is disdainfully rejected by all other communities in India. 

After clinching power one more time in UP, Yogi’s unfiltered Hindutva ideology has widely influenced Hindus, convincingly making them realized that this time the chief minister whom they elected by voting immensely thwarting all sly attempts of the opposition parties, is meant to stand for them all the time, and fulfill the promises of keeping peace, and strengthening law and order in the state. What is pretty fascinating about him, is his indiscriminative demeanor towards all citizens regardless of their castes and religions. Nobody in the state is powerful, or defiant enough to defy law and order. All festivals of all religions being practiced by different communities are allowed to be celebrated peacefully which is prioritized and safety is ensured by the Yogi government. Consequently, since 2017 there has been no communal riot in any part of UP as the fear of his strict legal and merciless approach against the violent elements is crawling stealthily on their minds which they can’t ignore even for a minute. Now, Yogi’s UP is inspiring other govts to adopt this Ramayana formula to inject fear in dangerous elements to robust the harmony of the states, and strengthen the economy, giving a peaceful environment for development and other things. 

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