Top 8 Sports for Kids To Play


Are you considering enrolling your child in a sport? Research shows many benefits of sports for children’s immediate and life-long health.

One survey reported 88 percent of athletes’ parents believe it improves physical health. Another 73 percent felt that their children had more positive mental health. Many studies support these beliefs.

The benefits of sports for kids also extend to their families and communities. The specific sport chosen is less important than finding the one the child enjoys most. This increases their participation and establishes a habit of being active.

Keep reading to find some of the best sports for children to try.

Two Main Categories of Sports for Kids

Sports may involve team participation or individual competition. Both types of sports help teach children to motivate themselves to improve. 

Individual Sports

Individual sports usually don’t involve contact with other players. While the athletes complete separately, their success often contributes to a team score.

1. Gymnastics

Taking gymnastics improves total body fitness. Your child may do this for simple recreation or join a competition team. They’ll develop agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and strength.

2. Ice Skating

Skating on ice quickly develops balance, core strength, and coordination. It also increases flexibility, overall strength, and gracefulness. Ice skating includes creativity making it a unique sport.

3. Running

This is the least expensive sport which can take place anywhere and anytime. While it’s important to have supportive shoes, you don’t need special equipment. Running promotes physical and mental health benefits for all ages.

4. Swimming

Swim teams teach proper stroke mechanics to efficiently move in the water. They learn to push themselves to improve their times. While the swimmer participates individually, their performance scores points for their team.

This total body exercise builds overall strength and increases heart and lung capacity. Swimming is easy on the joints and has no age limit. Becoming a strong swimmer may save their life or someone else’s.

5. Tennis

Tennis requires intense focus on the ball and its movement. This teaches concentration and problem-solving. They develop balance, strength, and quick reactions to hit the ball with the racquet.

Team Sports

Being part of a team develops a sense of comradery and working together toward a goal. Everyone has a part to play in the shared successes.

6. Baseball

Baseball begins around age five with T-ball. This beloved American sport advances as the child grows older.

They learn multi-tasking when judging the ball’s trajectory and other players’ movements. It’s key to make instant decisions for success.

This sport develops balance, muscles strength, sprinting, and endurance for the home run. 

7. Basketball

Another top team sport for kids is basketball. These players must learn how to move with the ball following specific rules of play.

This develops concentration, quick decision-making, balance, and coordination. Players also spend most of the game running which builds their heart and lung endurance.

8. Soccer

Soccer develops valuable life skills including quick decision-making, communication, and hard work. Children learn the importance of cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Soccer involves near-constant running which burns fat and builds muscle and lung stamina.

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