Tesla begins inviting 15k guests to ‘Cyber Rodeo’ at Gigafactory Texas

(IANS) Electric vehicle company Tesla has officially started inviting the 15,000 guests to its “Cyber Rodeo” event at Gigafactory Texas on April 7, as CEO Elon Musk published a photo of a virtual invitation to an event.

According to Teslarati, Tesla announced it would hold an event to commemorate the opening of its newest production facility and second in the US, Gigafactory Texas.

Located just east of downtown Austin, Giga Texas will produce several of Tesla’s electric vehicles, including the Model Y and Cybertruck.

After holding a “Giga Fest” event at its German plant, Gigafactory Berlin, in late 2021, Musk confirmed Tesla would do the same in Texas, with the event having its own southern twist.

Tesla officially applied to hold the event in February when it submitted an application to the Travis County Fire Marshal’s office.

The office granted the application, meaning it would then move on to Travis County’s Commissioners’ Court for final approval.

After the Commissioners’ Court held a public hearing for local residents to voice their concerns, the Commissioners on the board unanimously approved Tesla’s application.

The public hearing did come with a few complaints from local residents. One citizen was unhappy with Teslaa┬┐s community outreach, comparing the automaker’s fast and efficient construction process to an unfriendly neighbour.

While Commissioner Brigid Shea agreed Tesla should do more community interaction, she also stated she was “not willing to turn down this permit for this big event they have planned for a while”.

Invitations are now being sent to various members of the community, but not all 15,000 appear to be invited quite yet.

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