Soul App’s Personalized Social Report Decodes User Attractiveness

Soul App

Tapping into its in-depth social behavior data, Soul App now offers new and existing users a highly personalized social report that looks back at their social behaviors and patterns of the past year and highlights their unique personality and charm. By doing so, SOUL aims to foster a culture of warmth, diversity, and fun across the platform.

From their custom-made reports, “Soulers” can learn about their social networking journey as well as how attractive they are to other users. For example, the post count per user and amount of likes and interactions help Soulers better understand their personal appeal. The data provided is a snapshot of the platform, but it also evokes a connection with Soulers, teaching them more about themselves and deepening their sense of belonging to SOUL. Little wonder that Soulers across the world have reposted their own social reports and shared interesting or tender moments captured by the platform. 

Kelling in the US met new friends on SOUL and, more importantly, reunited with his old friends. This wonderful experience allows him to have a special attachment to SOUL. Back in high school, Kelling used to be a taciturn, deferential student and never thought about opening his heart to his teachers, let alone making friends with them. To his surprise, the networking feature “Soul Matching” re-introduced him to his high-school math teacher. Driven by shared interests, they talked about leisure pursuits and everyday life online, and before long became such good friends that they never ran out of things to chat about. Then they decided to meet each other offline, only to discover they had been teacher and student 10 years previously. SOUL thus rebuilt a once-broken bridge.

Mandy in Saudi Arabia met a stranger on SOUL who later became his bosom friend, all because of their common passion for the same genre of music. They talked about everything, from favorite songs to heartfelt feelings to life philosophies, and supported each other through dark times. Now the two consider each other as an inseparable part of their life and as a soulmate. “I like him because he is not like any friend of mine and he is the one who cares the most about me in the world,” said Mandy.

In addition, the social report reminds Soulers of once close friends that have drifted away, prompting them to reconnect and reminisce about fun times together and from there rebuild their bonds. A vivid style and scenario-specific wording infuse the report with a youthful appeal for Generation Z, anchoring SOUL companionship into Soulers’ hearts. Going forward, as it continues to innovate on its content and formats, SOUL is on track to bring to users a report more typical of the social metaverse.  

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