Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 6th March– 13th March 2022


Love and Relationships

This week might bring some kind of positive relationship changes in your life. You might perfectly handle your communications with a positive attitude. It’s better to share and express yourself in a relationship. It is recommended not to wait for anyone to explain what they are thinking. You need to be equally energetic as your partner because love needs mutual care and attention.


This week is testing you as you might have some sort of digestion problem, so it is better to avoid non-vegetarian food and only go for simple food. This might help you to avoid health issues at the end of the week. If you are planning to lose weight, then this might turn out to be the best time.


Your business seems to boom this week. This week is great for your finances, and you should try keeping up with the hectic pace of work. This might be the best time to plan for any investment as you might clear the old dues through it. You might also invest in real estate this week as it might turn out to be helpful.


This week might turn into an energy booster for your professional life as it might offer you great benefits for your workplace. You might also achieve your goals and objectives due to your efficient planning and strong determination power. Challenges might come your way, but you might face them all. Remember one thing that you need to remain calm and composed to be your best.


This week might turn out to be favourable for the students pursuing a masters degree in any foreign university, and the results might be in your favour. Apply your knowledge wherever it is needed, and do not rely only on theoretical or textbook knowledge. This is the time to take calculated steps. You might also opt for a new line of knowledge to do well.

The Week’s Overview

Great week for travellers whose feet are rolling for a foreign trip. This trip might be both for leisure or related to work. However, don’t create any mess due to erratic actions. Spendings might increase, and your achievements may not be as per your desire. Those of you who intend to move to the new location might think about it in the same way you might think about completing your life’s achievements. Expecting mothers should be cautious.
Lots of things are likely to happen this week with respect to relations, mostly positive ones. However, handle any miscommunication with your love partner amicably. Be clear with your ideas and make sure they listen to you. Be clear with what is inside your mind rather than someone else explaining this to you. Love is mutual, and it demands care and attention.
Business is sky-high rocketing. This also has side effects as you may suffer from fatigue and burnout. But don’t worry, this is a great time for your finances, so try to keep up with the hectic pace of the work. Investment done during this week might help you to pay your debt laters. You might finalise any financial deal you have been waiting for a long time. Investing in real estate might help you in the long run. Great financial achievements shall keep you in good spirits, and you might garner respect in society.
Professionally an energy-boosting moment is waiting for you. This week is extremely beneficial on the career front. You are likely to get all your cherished goals and objectives. This may happen because of your effective planning. You might play with challenges, which is an excellent chance to showcase your abilities. Stay calm and composed. Individuals seeking higher knowledge and spiritual studies shall find encouragement. However, business people should postpone any plan of business expansion.
A good week for learning. Students looking to pursue a masters degree from a foreign university might do well. Results and grades shall be as per your desire. Take calculated steps regarding studies. If you are thinking of exploring a new line of knowledge, then you might do well. The week is good for undertaking any vocational learning as this may help to improve applied knowledge.
Healthwise, a testing week awaits you. You might be facing a digestion problem, advised eating vegetarian or easy to digest food. Avoid alcohol and sweets. This may be annoying, but it is good for your health. Chalk out a new and healthy dietary plan for losing weight. Keep a watch on your food habits. Young family members need to take care of their delicate health.

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