Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th March– 3rd April 2022

Love and Relationships

This week might be quite romantic for you, and you might appreciate the level of love with your partner. You should start spending some more time with your partner if you are planning to get married. You might definitely get some good news if you are single and planning to propose to someone. If you are married, then also you might hear good news on pregnancy.


You need to address your problems and find a solution out of them. It is recommended to avoid fatty and oily food items, which might help reduce your stress level and control your blood pressure. You need to be cautious in having your food. It is better to take advice from a health expert to maintain yourself.
You are advised to take a proper diet, rest, exercise, and meditate for optimum physical and physiological health. This might also boost your immunity, stamina, and strength, which might prove essential in the coming weeks. There may be some stomach illnesses this week. You are advised not to be too compromising to avoid losing control of the situation this week.


You might have great profit in terms of finances this week. You might have enough money to spend on all the necessary things. You are likely to get the best deals if you are planning to buy a vehicle this week. The trading business might work well. No doubt there might be some losses, but everything might balance with time, and you might remain strong financially.


It is better to strengthen your efforts instead of being in two places. Your dreams might shape up your career, so push your prospects ahead. This is really a busy time, and it is on you how you manage things, but you might complete your project. If you are career-oriented, then you might work with improved efficiency. Students might stay focused and perform well in examinations.


You need to be passionate about doing things. You might achieve better if you undertake your responsibilities well. It is better not to be lenient in your learning procedure. Your achievements won’t let you down in any case. Students who are planning to pursue their masters might do well in their exams. Your achievements might help you to gain knowledge and might be certain.

The Week’s Overview

A change in approach towards life shall be supported this week. This is the much required change. However, be wary about those jealous friends who are envious of your achievements in life. They may try to disrepute you. Thinking about changing jobs, then wait for a while, don’t rush into it. Don’t lose hope. Older siblings may be in the news with an increase in their and your reputation in society. All the good work you are doing shall be appreciated; just be down to earth.
On the romance front, this week suggests a wonderful time. You can be grateful for all the love you have received in your everyday life from your partner. If marriage is on your mind, then spend time and plan accordingly with your partner. Singles can also expect positive news if they plan to propose to someone. Married couples also may hear good news about pregnancy this week.
Everything is going well, and the most happening place might be your financial condition. Gains are more than losses, but you may balance the loss efficiently. You are standing on strong financial ground. Spend on necessary things as your pocket is full. You might get the best deal while buying a vehicle this week. Traders are also in for a pleasant surprise this week. They are likely to get good deals with someone close to them.
Careerwise, you should avoid putting two legs in different ships. A great career prospect is likely to take shape this week. You are likely to play a major role in pushing your prospects ahead. You might be busy, but at the same time, you need to manage your priorities. But you could do well with deadline projects. Think twice before encashing any acquaintance. Career-oriented people may do well in their office premises and improve their efficiency. Students, be ready with your preparation and give your best in upcoming exams.
In the field of education, passionate students are likely to excel. Especially those who like to undertake responsibility and achieve their desired goal. However, don’t be lenient this week when it comes to learning through various sources. With hard work and effort, you might get your desired results. Students looking for a post-graduation course might do well in their exams. Achievements shall be certain, and you may gain from your knowledge base.
This week you might address health-related issues. Avoid oily food and keep your stress level down; otherwise, there might be high blood pressure levels. Talk to an expert dietitian and health expert and follow the diet. Don’t default on any dietary violation.

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