Pro Tips for Picking Your Fantasy Football Squad

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The season is coming to an end, and it’s that time when hordes of fantasy football players descend on their local pub, laptops in tow, trying their last shots to dominate their office leagues.

But for those looking to take their game to the next level, who want to compete with the big boys and girls in the global fantasy football community, where do you start? This blog post is for you.

Here we’ll give you an overview of what you need to know before picking your squad for FPL – from understanding player value to tips on creating a balanced team.

Don’t Spare Cash When It Comes to Your Defence

While it’s tempting to spend more on forwards and midfielders hoping to benefit from clean sheets, the reality is that defenders are often just as important for fantasy football success.

Not only do they have the potential to rack up clean sheets, but many also chip in with goals and assists too. When picking your defenders, look for those who are part of clubs that are strong defensively and have a good chance of keeping clean sheets.

You should also look out for defenders who take set-pieces – these can be a goldmine of points, especially if they’re also getting assists.

Remember, a goal scored by a defender earns you 6 points. If they are your captain, you get 12; pull out the triple captain chip, you get 18.

Choose Your Captain Carefully

Your captain is vital in FPL – they score double points, so it’s worth taking some time to choose wisely. The best captains are usually midfielders or forwards, as they have more opportunities to get on the scoresheet.

When selecting your captain, you should also consider form and fixtures; if a player is in good form and has an easy run of fixtures coming up, they’re more likely to score and rack up points.

Avoid New Signings

A new player means new talent, right?


New signings often don’t pan out how you’d expect and can be a waste of a spot. It’s best to wait until a player has settled into their new team before signing them for your FPL squad.

Consider the Set-piece Takers

When looking at potential players for your squad, it’s important to consider who the set-piece takers are for their team.

These are the players that will be taking corners and free-kicks, and they can often rack up points just from that.

If a team has a lot of good set-piece takers, that’s something to keep in mind when selecting your squad.

The Premier League website is the ultimate resource for information on set-piece takers. It displays an up-to-date list of expected performers at each club, based on both last season’s matches and Opta statistics as well as pre-season friendlies plus players’ previous roles on clubs they’ve played for, and their roles have since changed.

Big Club Name Doesn’t Always Translate to Good Players

Just because a player is on a big club doesn’t mean they’re going to be any good for FPL.

Do your research and target players who will get plenty of game time and have a good chance of racking up the points.

You’d be surprised at how much some players from less popular clubs can outscore the big names.

Be Wary of Last Year’s Standouts

Just because a player did well last year doesn’t guarantee the same performance this year.

Fantasy football is all about form, and last year’s form might not be replicated this season.

It’s important to look at how a player has started the current season before signing them for your FPL squad.

Injuries Happen

No one likes it when their players get injured, but it happens.

Make sure you have a good backup plan in place in case one of your key players gets sidelined.

You don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of injured players on your bench.

To avoid this, you should

  • Keep yourself up-to-date with information concerning the injuries and suspensions in the EPL.
  • Take into account EPL lineup predictions.
  • Check a player’s recent form and stats to predict whether they’ll get benched or they’ll be on the starting XI.
  • Watch out for club announcements and sports news.

Think About Your Budget

Each player in the FPL has a price tag assigned to them, and you have a limited budget to work with when building your squad.

You’ll need to carefully consider which players you want to spend your money on.

There’s no point in blowing all your budget on one or a couple of superstar players. Instead, spread your budget around to get a well-rounded squad.

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