Pooja Kumari, resisting kidnapping, murdered in Rohri, Sindh

The World's Longest Running Genocide - 1200 Years of Persecution of Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan

In Pakistan, an 18-year-old Sindhi-Hindu girl, Pooja Kumari (Oad), was shot dead in Rohi, Sukkur, following a failed abduction attempt by radical extremists.

According to Regional Sindhi media, the girl was shot in the middle of the street after she put up resistance against her attackers.

Another dead Sindhi-Hindu in Pakistan- another Dead body with awkward silence from The World. I am speechless. I don’t know what to type anymore. There are 3 million (30 lakh) Sindhis in India, around 40 million (4 crores) in Pakistan. Why is everyone silent about this?

3000-years ago, Indus Valley Civilisation flourished in Sindh. Hindus have stayed in Sindh for thousands of years. Hinduism prevailed in Sindh before the birth of many gods.

In 1947, the population of Sindhi Hindus was 13%, and now that percentage has dropped to 1.5%. Pakistan is waging a holy war against Sindhi-Hindus, and our brothers and sisters are being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and converted forcibly. Our silence will rip apart the very history of the Asian Subcontinent. We lost Pooja Kumari to extremists. We lost Pooja Kumari to our silence.

I am begging the UN to do something about this. Stop this genocide. I am appealing to all global influencers to talk about this.

When lions attack a stray sheep, others in the herd stand in silence and watch. That’s why sheep are considered weak, easy to tame, and forgettable. However, when a pack of wolves is threatened, they launch a counter-attack to defend their vulnerable and young. The different attitude towards the attack has a different outcome. We must not be a sheep standing in the silence even when our Hindu sisters in Sindh are being kidnapped, raped, and murdered. We must all howl and grieve today and work towards protecting other girls from becoming a victim to extremists.

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