Overlyzer Football Betting Analyzer & Soccer Predictions Review


Football has an average of two billion viewership worldwide, and it is one of the beloved sports. The viewers tune in from different parts of the world to watch a soccer match. Many major leagues organize the competition. Football betting is another trend that has been around for centuries. You can participate in sports betting and create a moment in your records. There is no human being alive that can predict the matches, and make accurate bets on the player or the team. Smartphones have taken over the world, and software has improved in the last two decades. We have AI-based indicators to predict the match outcome and are somewhat accurate.

What is Overlyzer?

Overlyzer is an advanced best soccer betting softwaresystem that can predict the winning teams and give you accurate information on the current position. The prediction software has player information and teams information in the system. The advanced software analyzes the scenario and comes with a logical prediction. You can download the Overlyzer app from the Play Store and identify the winning team ahead of the competition. Let me give you a quick tour of the sports prediction app and what you get in it.

Leagues and Football Teams

Many football fans have taken the initiative to develop the Overlyzer software. You won’t miss domestic or major leagues happening around the world. You can access game performance information from 120 countries. The app has game information from regional tournaments, domestic events, and international football series. You can take any name such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, Europa League, etc.


Millions don’t have the time to watch the three hours to watch the match. Many services have started to provide football live score information. Overlyzer has a dedicated panel for the users who can watch live scores from the Android device. You don’t have to worry about the missing matches because you receive scores from events happening in 120 countries. Open the app and receive live scores at your fingertips without paying a single penny. You have a dedicated section for the match live scores and monitor the numbers.

Live Graphs

Overlyzer utilized graphs to produce match metrics in a simple form. You don’t have to note down or memorize the number from the match to calculate the outcome. The application gives you in-depth information on the stats and pressure points. The analyzed information gives you an approximate prediction of the football match. You can make clever decisions when it comes to putting your money on a bet. You have to subscribe to the premium plan to access the graphs.

Advanced Filters

You can get customized information about the football match. Set the advanced filters, and get personalized match stats. Making clever decisions are important in sports betting, and the personalized stats give you a broader picture. The filters have presets, custom, and saving options. You can save a specific filter in the app and come back to check the stats. The presets are added by the developers, and you can use them to get a keen understanding of it. .

The Over/Under Tool

Football started in 1863 in England, and millions are following it today. The viewers have a good grip over the teams, players, franchise, etc. You have a good idea of how the favorite teams or players are going to perform against the opponents. Soccer is unprecedented, and the Over/Under tool comes in handy in this case. The Over/Under tool has a mathematical algorithm. You will get match notifications on the device, and never miss out on the information. The developers allow the free users to access the Over/Under information. You can also check https://theinternetslots.com/au/

OverlyzerPricing Structure

Overlyzer is an advanced Android app to predict the football match outcome, and it’s a betting platform. The team behind the service is charging a low-priced subscription for the fans.

One Month Overlyzercomes at €4.44 per week and €19.9 per month.

Three Month Overlyzercomes at €3.77 per week, and €49.9 per month.

Users have to deposit €100 in their wallet and get a one-year subscription free.

Overlyzer Android app is available on the Play Store.

Download the Overlyzer app

Bottom Line

Overlyzer is a new-age prediction app for football betting fans. You get an advanced prediction algorithm and place bets cleverly to earn back from the investment. You have to pay a small fee to access the premium features, which is a reasonable ask from the app team.  Let us know what do you thank about the Overlyzer in the comment section below.

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