Microsoft shares new features for Xbox consoles

(IANS) Microsoft has issued an important update for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles that would make it capable of downloading system as well as game updates while in the Energy Saving mode.

“Now, system and game updates can be downloaded during Energy Saver mode, further saving energy,” explains Dave McCarthy, corporate vice president of Xbox operations.

“Energy Saver mode consumes about 20 times less power than Standby mode when the console is not being used or receiving updates.”

To enable Energy Saver mode already, you can head to Settings > Sleep Mode & Startup > Sleep Mode > Energy Saver.

The company said its Xbox products, accessories and packaging will all be 100 per cent recyclable by 2030 in Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.

Microsoft has reduced plastic waste by 500,000 kg by converting all Xbox gift cards to paperboard materials.

Microsoft is also working to bring mouse and keyboard integration to Xbox Cloud Gaming, with platform-level support currently in development for the service.

The move will provide a new choice of peripheral to experience Xbox titles via cloud streaming, accompanying the existing touch controls, prominent among mobile users. It would also improve accessibility on platforms like Windows and macOS, where mice and keyboards are commonplace accessories.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as Xbox Project xCloud, has continued to expand since its 2019 trials, since launching with an Android-native app, plus a web-based app available for iOS and desktop PCs, the report said.Microsoft also introduced Xbox console support in late 2021, later allowing Xbox Series X|S exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator to make the jump to aging Xbox One consoles.

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