Leo Weekly Horoscope 27th March– 3rd April 2022

Love and Relationships

This week has been a bit of a hassle for you in terms of relationships. Take your chances to solve unnecessary arguments and just try to avoid such issues. Your friends might come to help you solve your problems. Maintain a good relationship with them, and try to show appreciation. For couples looking to get married, this week might be the right time to set dates.


Start enjoying the combination of stable mental as well as physical health. If you have an issue with your weight constantly increasing, you must realise that this is the time you need to start focussing on your health. Be careful if you’re pregnant. Take care of the medication you take and follow the discipline that is required for good health.


Your horoscope says Read, Relax, and Revise your spending limit. Take a thorough study about the money you spend and wisely plan your finances. Your weekly horoscope advises you to seek financial advice from your peers. You might feel that money has been flying off your pocket. In this situation, it is advisable to take notes of each finance to stick to a pre-decided budget.


This week might come in as a treacherous day when it comes to finishing your projects. There might be some things happening in your daily schedule. But, don’t worry about this difficulty. Try bringing your diplomatic skills to the table, and you simply learn to ignore the problems that come on your way. You are likely to receive a new job at the end of this week.


Learning is a vital parameter for success. Try to focus on improving your overall knowledge. You may have to start learning new techniques and concentrate on a discipline that enables you to stay in the competition and feel confident. You might need more time to get the support of your siblings in the limits you are trying to achieve shortly.

The Week’s Overview

This week you will prove to be lucky in many matters. Married people’s household life will be much better. You will enjoy your relationship openly. Despite being dependent on each other, you will try to make your relationship stronger with a more sincere heart. This week will be good for people living a love life. Stay strong in your relationship and will be able to win the heart of your beloved. Employed people will get tremendous results related to their work and businessmen will be able to carry forward their work. Your income will be normal now.There will be a slight increase in expenses. Talking about the students, this week will bring good results for them. You will get a chance to advance in education. People striving for higher education will benefit. In terms of health, there will be ups and downs in your health. You have to take great care of your health, as you may fall ill this week. Even the slightest carelessness can cost you dearly.

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