Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th March– 26th March 2022

Love and Relationships

You might have a great week of enjoyment this week. Your relationship might bloom with mutual love, nourishment and trust. You might even please your partner with a sense of humour, care, and appreciation. Feelings of love are being shared amongst newly married couples. This week might help you bond with your partner while increasing the communication and shared travel plans for the future.


A lot of positive energy coming your way. With long hours of office work and time spent travelling, you might feel restless. Try taking rest for the time being, and you might not even feel the need to go to a hospital. Minute fatigue may be observed. Try to keep your work and home balance. You must remain careful about stress.


Talking about this week only, on the economic front, overall your income will remain stable, in which definite earnings will continue, especially from sources of regular income. However, if we take a long-term view, there will be some uncertainty towards investments. It is advisable not to blindly trust the words of others in the matter of investment. In the middle of the week, there may be expenditure for the family and in the last phase for the beloved or children.


Most of the time, you will focus on progress due to your good activism on the professional front this week. Especially employed people and people involved in petty work will get better opportunities, but do not be too aggressive in dealing with colleagues and clients right now. Be patient in taking decisions if you are involved in the stock market or any speculative work. Now is a good time to move forward in partnership.


If you are interested in any kind of competitive study, this is your week. You might do really well with any exam you opt-in for. Choose the right step, and you might enable your overall success. Some of your old acquaintances can bring a tremendous amount of knowledge, turning out this week as a blessing in terms of education. Learning may continue in time.

The Week’s Overview

Hard work always leads to success. This saying comes true for many of you during this week. Always success makes us lazy and we are not ready to work. So, don’t be carried away with your success and be lazy. Yes, be ready to enjoy the benefits of success without any doubt. Avoid suspicion to come between you and your siblings. Lack of communication is at the base of this suspicion. So, adopt the path of communication. Stop this misunderstanding at the starting point itself before it reaches an extreme condition. Don’t make emotions ride as they may lead to an unending problem. An advice in this emotional week is to keep calm and be ready to face any situation. Be sympathetic towards your loved ones. You are optimistic and friendly with your family and like to spend time with them at home. Your life will be filled with garnish provided by them. Money is such a thing that either stays with you or passes away. You might enjoy the company of staying with your family members and at this time you would be at the best of your moods. This time may turn out to be best to show your hidden talents in front of them.
A good love week waits for many of you. Mutual trust and love are the two bases of any relationship. These traits may be at prominence at this time which may lead to happy moments of togetherness. Your humorous nature and feelings of love for your partner might play an important role in making your partner happy. A good week for newly married couples. Expression of love is the basis of a relationship. Newlywed couples may be able to express their feelings of love for their partners. A close bonding in your relationship will be created due to your expressions. For the women who are planning to conceive it might turn out to be a good week to put your dream into reality. But a word of caution is that don’t get engaged in arguments and communication with your partner as this might lead to many problems.
Financial conditions may turn out to be very profitable. Many may earn extra money as per your expectation. Financial conditions may improve as you will be able to discover an extra source of income by the end of this lucky week. Earlier investments and deals made by you may fetch you good money. Earning is a part of human nature but make it beneficial by donating the money. This charity will be beneficial in the aspect of saving money from taxes as well as you will receive blessings. Giving and taking in the process of life. Receiving is the thing everyone enjoys but giving gives more pleasure than receiving. So, develop a habit of giving.
A good positive professional development is there on the cards for many of you. Hard work pays. So a time to achieve your goals for which you had worked hard. A week of recognition and praise waits for you. Enjoy it but don’t forget that this recognition has come due to your combining creativity and imagination with logic and practicality. Your ideas may get you recognition and they might fetch appreciation. It’s advice that do not change the way of your work and this way may fetch you many opportunities to grow on the professional front.
A week of competition in the field of learning and education for those who are interested in it. Luck is on your side. So don’t hesitate and accomplish success in all the spheres which you want to accomplish. As it is said old is gold, the same way you may meet your old friends. This meeting with your old friends might turn out to be lucky as they would give you the right kind of knowledge. It’s time for many of you to upgrade your professional and academic skills. Learning as a part of your life will continue for the time to come.
The health front will be filled with positive energy. Professionals may find that they are engaging a lot of time in the office and that is making them tired. The efforts that you put in for yourself and your family are appreciable. But a word of caution is that the long hours spent at the office for work may affect your health as well your relationship with your family members. Keeping balance in life is very necessary for success in life. So, keep your office and home time separate and maintain a balance between them. Work is to be done but don’t overload yourself with it as this may spoil your health and your relationship.

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