Justice for Notal Lal: A Hindu teacher jailed for False Blasphemy Charges

Notan Lal NYK Daily
Notan Lal NYK Daily

Wrongly accused of blasphemy, Hindu teacher Notan Lal has been wrongly awarded life imprisonment.

The horrible treatment of Hindu minorities in Pakistan continued unabated after a Muslim mob unleashed violence against Hindus in Ghotki in Pakistan’s Sindh province. The brutality followed a complaint by a Muslim student accusing his Hindu school principal of making a blasphemous remark. As mentioned in the previous slide, Notan Lal was beaten up and fined, and jailed for 25 years despite the case being fake. The student whose complaint triggered the long violence has already confessed that the blasphemy complaint was completely “cooked up” to punish the Hindu school principal.

Student Muhammad Ihtisham, on whose complaint his father had filed an FIR against the Sindh Public School Hindu principal, has revealed in a social media post that he was very sore with the principal, Notan Lal, for scolding him. Since he had not learned a subject, the principal had scolded him. This encouraged him to make false allegations of blasphemy against the Hindu principal. He added that he had zero clue that the complaint would blow up to such a massive proportion. He begged “Sir Notan” for forgiveness in the social media post. Despite this, Pakistan wants to cage and torture a Hindu – a clear case of Hinduphobia.

Notan Lal is the latest victim of Pakistan’s oppressive blasphemy laws, which are completely inconsistent with the fundamental right to freedom of belief or religion.

Sindhi Hindus (we) never wanted to lose our state. We just wanted our land to stay with Maa Bharati. We never wanted a broken Bharat.

However, a genocide since the invasion of Mohammad Bin Qasim in the 8th Century has destroyed Sindh to no return, with demolishing temples and homes of Sindhi Hindus. Even in the modern era, intruders are taking away daughters and forcing conversions in Sindh. Anyone who doesn’t want to convert is punished using blasphemy laws.

Sindh was forever the land of Hindus! The attackers forcefully took it away. Like my grandfather, the remaining Sindhi Hindus had to leave his village with no money and come rushing to India. Life has been the hardest for our ancestors ever since. Homes burnt, daughters converted, temples demolished.

Blasphemy laws have no place in the 21st Century. Pakistan must free Notan Lal. There are thousands of cases of jailed Hindus due to false blasphemy laws. Millions of our Hindu sisters and brothers have lost their lives in Sindh. Yes, ‘millions.’ Sindh is facing the world’s longest genocide from the 8th Century to this date, and it is destroying the world’s oldest civilization, and Notal Lal’s cases prove that it hasn’t stopped yet.

When you know someone personally, and you see him getting thrown in jail for 25 years on false charges, you grow numb and gradually fade to silence. Swipe next and read how Notan Lal, a Sindhi Hindu principal of a school in Pakistan, was falsely accused of blasphemy and thrown in jail for 25 years. Building such false cases against Hindus is more common than you think in Pakistan and the Hindu Genocide in Sindh needs world eyes, and we need it NOW.

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