How the mighty BJP triumphed Uttar Pradesh, pulverizing the entire opposition?


A Monk dressed in saffron attire has scripted a history by winning a second term for the first time, breaking the 35 years old jinx, and trounced the unhealthy, smug opposition. A proud Hindu monk Yogi Adityanath enhanced new aroma of Hindutva in Hindu community, which has unequivocally protected Bjp from all kinds of political damage by the media and the opposition. Yogi’s boisterous chanting of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is truly considered an epitome of power and unwavering faith by the Hindus, as no leader in the history of UP politics could say as fearlessly and proudly as he did, when it comes to expressing the desires of Hindus regarding their religious beliefs. Here are many reasons why despite many obstacles in the elections laid by the opposition, BJP managed to win with a great majority:

The staunch Hindutvadi image of Yogi Adityanath :

Before becoming CM of Up in 2017 for the first, Yogi was immensely popular for his unapologetic, powerful, and unfiltered Hindutvadi image. And eventually, this has soared up to new heights which, I believe, is what a true Hindu wants to see in his leader. No nonsense, no uncertainty, no appeasement, no tolerance against those who attack Hinduism for their politics. This is clearly a reason why despite many allegations, and farce of Samajwadi party, pretending to be more Hindu than Yogi, Bjp has excellently managed to grab crucial Hindu votes, while other parties were busy choosing a Muslim candidate to try their tactics to clinch Hindu and Muslim voters simultaneously, unaware of the fact that Hindus were not that ready to vote for a Muslim candidate, and then face Kairana like situations, although the voters could forget things easily about what happened in past, but BJP was already fixated on displaying the horror Uttar Pradesh had faced in previous govts. The Hindu voters were routinely reminded of the horrible demeanor of SP. Consequently, this time the Hindus didn’t vote as Thakur, Brahman, Dalit, and Jatt, they voted as only Hindus for such a phenomenal leader who doesn’t wear a fabricated attire of secularism for politics. The caste based politics has completely been stifled by Yogi, which is why BJP snatched almost all seats in the regions where SP and its allies were quite convinced to sweep. 

The abusive and immoral behavior of the opposition :

UP citizens have been experiencing this type of disgusting politics and behavior of the Samajwadi party and its allies for decades, however, at that time the Hindus voters might not have any good option, but now Yogi was there. For the first time in the history of UP, elections were fought over development, law and order, policies, not on scams, riots, or anything else. The opposition has factually no trustable agenda against the ruling party, so Akhilesh Yadav has cunningly utilized the unfortunate incidents happened in UP during Covid 2 wave, and other cases. Highlighting the fictitious failures of Yogi, he vented out his years old frustration and, after failing to gain anything, this frustration didn’t ebb away, rather elevated. Hence, he started to vilify Yogi for his Monkhood, orchestrating his temporary Hindu identity only for blurring Yogi’s image. Out of enthusiasm, and false sense of victory, his allies Om Rajbhar and Swami Prasad maurya (who was pulverized in fazilnagar) abused Yogi, but the message was circulated amongst Hindus, that they insulted a Hindu monk, specially for being unapologetic about his Monk identity. To a high level, This has deeply dismantled the edifice of hopes of SP for defeating BJP in UP. 

What fueled this fire of hatred was threats of Sp leaders who were proudly evincing their sleeping dreams of teaching a lesson to the police and BJP supporters. These open threats accompanied by pride and audacity have dug the grave and injured SP severely. 

At last, an ad lib commentary by Dimpal Yadav in a rally juxtaposing the saffron color with junk of an engine has done the required damage to the party, which was brilliantly picked up by Yogi to expose this Hindu hatred publically. He unleashed this conspicuous innuendo to the Hindus and it guaranteed a side effect to SP.

The silent game of women voters :

From the beginning of the elections, SP with his loyal fellows in the media attempted a brilliant agenda to spread lies about the govt, blaming Yogi for failing in everything, be it covid management or unemployment. However, in results the effect of this intense ballyhoo of media, and SP leaders can’t be noticed much. They wanted to beat BJP by yelling, and blaming without unveiling their promises and visions for the people of UP. Many of them scoffing Yogi for giving free ration twice in a month comprising of oil, salt, lentils and other essentials since 2020 after lock down, attracted the silent rejection of beneficiaries who were helped a lot during a hazardous situation when everything was halted. When they were no where to be seen, Yogi was visiting all hospitals and providing all facilities without paying any attention to criticism of the opposition and  media. 

Women who were given everything to run a household without any pressure, couldn’t fall for the lies and lame jokes, and they remarkably abandoned fake promises, and voted for Yogi who played savior in the tough times. As a beneficiary of this policy of Yogi govt, I have attentively inspected all the women, and came to know something which is quite surprising. Women didn’t care about what the opposition said about Covid management, and unemployment and other things, they voted Bjp for that sense of security they felt in these five years. We know we can forget who gave us what in any situation, but it’s not possible to forget the one who saved us in that situation, and fed even when the state had lockdown, and economy was struggling. Therefore, the silent voters verily strengthened Bjp which results have proved today. Yogi’s policies, security, and good Covid management are a testament of his good governance. 

Law and order :

Almost in all rallies, starting with an euphonious chant of Jai shri Ram Yogi Adityanath highlighted his control over Mafias and rioters who tarnished UP’s image in previous govts, and attempted strongly to familiarize people with the discernable change in law and order in his govt. Factually, the law and order has been tremendously uplifted, obliterating the hooliganism and communal riots completely. This was not a tactic to gain votes, but actually the change was experienced by public, and women have been given a sense of sheer security which was chained by hoodlums pandered by political parties before Yogi. How secure women felt in this govt, can be deciphered by the huge crowd of women in the rallies, and their unbelievable contribution in voting percentage which made BJP grab power again. 

The Ram Mandir and the glory of Ayodhya :

Although BJP has beautifully transformed Hindu cities like Varanasi and Mathura, few things are yet to be done as promised by Yogi, yet Ayodhya stands to a next level when it comes to politics. Ayodhya has always been a topic in up elections, but this time it was not limited to Ram Mandir. As other parties also went on temple visiting spree to gain Hindu votes, following the footprints of Bjp politics. Ram Mandir is being constructed, and BJP has vehemently talked about it in the rallies which impacted Hindus, and the result is here. Furthermore, even if BJP might have not exhibit its attempts of enlivening the glory of Ayodhya, but Hindus who witnessed the change in Ayodhya, be it cultural or developmental, they themselves promote passionately the religious celebrations which Yogi has begun in Ayodhya specially Dipotsav on Diwali that has created few world records. Subsequently, whom Akhilesh Yadav named internet terrorists, have vigorously lauded Yogi and filled social media with such works Yogi has done for Hindus, implying the need to protect Dharma. As Hindutva and glory of Ayodhya was utterly been smudged by previous govts for their Muslim vote bank. So, this commendable effort of Yogi has certainly gained the faith of Hindus for a second term, therefore he is here, invincible, dauntless and powerful. 

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