Google’s vehicle ads in Search now shows nearby cars for sale


(IANS) Google has introduced vehicle ads, a new ad format in Search that shows nearby cars for sale as more and more people turn to the web to find their next car.

In fact, 89 per cent of new car buyers researched their new vehicle online, according to Google, and shoppers aren’t just looking up information online – they’re purchasing there, too.

“In 2021, 16 per cent of new car buyers purchased their car online, up from only 1 per cent three years prior,” said Google.

Currently available in the US and coming to more countries soon, vehicle ads can help car sellers easily reach customers looking for a new ride.

For example, if someone searches for a 2019 SUV, they’ll see several vehicle options they can either purchase nearby or get delivered – along with pictures and inventory information like location, make, model, price and mileage.

“Once they select a car, the ad will direct them to the vehicle description page on your website where they can fill out a lead form or get your dealership’s contact information,” Google informed.

You can then select which actions you’d like to measure, like leads and store visits, and assign a value to them.

Advertisers who complemented their existing Search campaigns with vehicle ads saw a 25 per cent average increase in conversions during beta testing, the company added.

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