Google brings local emergency numbers to Pixel phones’ lockscreen

(IANS) Google is allowing Pixel users to quickly access police, fire or medical services as they travel abroad via ‘Fast Emergency Dialer’ on their lockscreen.

The feature will help users call an emergency number with just one action — using the slider.

“Your phone finds emergency numbers automatically, even when you travel. Your phone finds available numbers for your area, like Police, Fire, or medical services. Use the slider for the emergency service you need,” the company said in an update.

The dialer was reportedly first seen last year through the Pixel’s emergency app, but Google confirmed to Android Police that the tool is currently rolling out to a wider release.

Though it’s designed for international traveling, anyone can use it at any location.

The emergency dialer has two locations — on the phone’s lock screen through the emergency call button or the power menu once the user has unlocked the device.

Accessing the tool via the power button depends on what Pixel device you have.

Android 11 and earlier and Android 12 on the Pixel 5 and earlier can access it by holding down the power button for five seconds, tapping emergency, and using the slider in the emergency menu.

With the default settings for Android 12 on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the user will press the power and volume up button at the same time, then tap emergency and use the slider.

The ‘fast emergency dialer’ isn’t available in all regions, said Google Support.

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