Gemini Weekly Horoscope 27th March– 3rd April 2022

Love and Relationships

Married individuals are advised to avoid arguments. Trying to spend quality time is the key here. A gift or a trip might reignite the spark. Your relationship may start improving. You might witness a celebration or a union at home. Singles might get deserved partners they were looking for. You might catch up with to-be or already in-laws. This is an ideal time to propose someone.


Good health knocks on your door this week, with relief of chronic issues. It would help if you also gave importance to your emotional health and avoided a hostile atmosphere. Leg pain or sleeping issues might trouble you, but you are advised to exercise regularly. A visit to nature, good sleep, avoidance of gadgets are suggested to keep you emotionally and physically healthy.


You are suggested to be attentive this week and avoid aggression and a big investment. Legal matters, tax-related issues, foreign business, and travelling may lead to an unexpected expense. Garment and beauty product investments may be successful. Students may have expenses related to their education. If you are willing to invest in land and property, consulting an expert is advised to understand the terms and conditions.


You are advised not to let ego come in between you and your partners. Self-analysis and improvement may offer you a new perspective. You may travel due to work with a transfer or new designation at the office. Wholesale business or backend business may be successful. Despite your boss being supportive, seniors and colleagues might not support you, so avoidance of arguments or office politics is advised.


Students learning programming language may be successful. Occult and religious learning may be successful. Positivity and focus would bring you success. Foreign-related career or study may be on the cards, although with a bit of delay. Siblings and friend circles may guide you to make things easy. You are suggested to avoid arguments with parents, which can cause stress and shake your focus off.

The Week’s Overview

Yes, Jupiter is all working for you. Throughout this week, you need to have a prior plan for your personal or professional work because unplanned work is your responsibility. There may be a good time in your career, but stress can come from the workload. If anything disturbs you, the relationship may improve. In a relationship, a single person may get a good chance. There could be a good time with your partner, but you must control your anger and avoid small errors. Students are successful in research, but sleep disturbances are caused, and health is affected. Avoid using electronic gadgets excessively.
In terms of both the individual and married, this week may be important. Relationships in terms of emotional support must be careful. Try to give each other a good time on-call or send some gifts to rejuvenate your relationship to Jupiter’s blessings. There may be a small celebration and a meeting. Singles, you are likely to get a good marriage proposal. Perhaps you can meet your loved partner’s family members.
You are going to be very attentive with money and other financial decisions. Don’t get aggressive, and don’t go for major investments while you are spending. Some of you may get money on foreign trips or on religious journeys. You may receive the expected financial gain from investment in garment or beauty products. Students may receive financial expenses for research or project work, so this week you should have an earlier plan.
Consciousness and analysis can lead to a new direction and work this week. Avoiding ego conflict with your partner can lead to workplace stress. Automation and analysis can give new guidance and aim this week for action. You can get a sudden journey in connection with your work. Opportunities for sudden transfer or new workplace responsibilities. Wholesale enterprise or backend companies could give a lot this week. Jupiter transit gives the boss a favour, but the only elderly man and colleague are not supportive. It is advisable to not argue with them. Your colleague might disagree with you so it should be taken care of. Try not to enter the politics of the office.
Mercury and Mars transit may make programming language learning successful. Occult and religious education success. A career or study with a foreign programme may finally get some results, but delays may arise, so that you have to have patience with this. Don’t depend on luck because Saturn could be the hard taskmaster.
Certain parents who need care with healthy conversation might not agree with you, so it also helps you to succeed in your study.
This week is good in terms of health at the start of the week as some prolonged illness might get cured. You just need to take care of physiological health, which can get affected because of stress and argument. There are chances of having pain in your leg. Be careful while doing small things in-home or kitchen. Try to come in contact with nature. This may harmonise your health with nature and give you a good sleep. Surround yourself with optimistic people as they are healthy for your mind and body.

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