Gemini Weekly Horoscope 20th March– 26th March 2022

Love and Relationships

As Venus transits, you cannot escape its love arrow. Singles may get into a relationship. A secret relationship may hover over you during this time. Married and engaged couples may spend a rejuvenating time. The good news about children may bring you joy. Rather than riding high ego tides and fiery expressions, paying a special moment or deepening the intimacy with your partner may be beneficial.


You are advised to take care of your health and abide by routine health inspections and regular medicines. It has to be kept in mind that excessive workload does not cost you your health. Pregnant females are suggested to surround themselves in a positive environment and be conscious about their diet and health. Relaxing with loved ones may enhance well-being.


You are suggested to avoid big investments or loans and instead focus on small savings. You may recover your outstanding money. Expenditure on renovation at the office, legal issues, and health-related matters may be there. Keeping a mental note about investments in the past might relieve your monetary shortfalls. You are advised to avoid spending on decisions taken sentimentally. Haphazard expenses may result in economic malaise.


If you avoid falling into argumentative pitfalls, avoid disagreements or miscommunications with partners, and be practical, you may succeed as expected. You might feel suffocated and stressed out at work, but keeping calm and focusing on your target in this scenario is suggested to benefit you in the long term. Communication may get you into trouble, so being smart with e-mails, messages, and other communications are suggested.


Failing to channelise your energies, aggression, and temper may cause you harm. You are suggested to focus and punctually handle current assignments. A disagreement might arise with your parents because of your studies. A trip may be on the cards. Sportsperson may experience difficult times. You are advised to be careful about your health. An opportunity to perform on a foreign stage might present itself.

The Week’s Overview

It’s okay if some days are lousy, it is life, and not all days are going to be happy “ OMG, what a Kind of day. However, some areas of your life are not that bad, have a look.” You’re going to have the expected job success or job change. With your loved partner, you might have a great time. This week may be financially advantageous on your family’s side, and there may be profits from law enforcement, but transit planets show you that sudden expenses in legal matters or health-related expenses can be spent. Not conducive to major stock market investments without expert guidance.
Love relationships are slowly starting, but things might make progress. Life is going to come with love and romance. Single has the opportunity to enjoy with partner quality time. The people who have recently been involved with your partner may have a memorable time. In a marriage relationship, children are going to play an important role, and you could get some good news. Often you may get the baby’s happiness which may strengthen your relationship, and chances are there that you may be blessed by that.
Don’t decide on any expenditure plan emotionally. The construction of the office can create a situation that is financially difficult. There might be a loss of finances due to legal issues. The money may be recovered if you gave it to other people. Don’t take credit during this period. It’s not that much to make major investments financially this week. You may learn how to save little in the long run. There might be a recovery of money if you have given it to others.
Altogether you are expected to have a positive result, but Mercury and Mars are in transit between Mercury and Mars, which is indicative of an argument. Venus gives a clue that you have to do business at work and can put you under stress. You are advised to have a sense of purpose and be punctual rather than frustrated. The business partner may be disagreeable. It is suggested to be careful while doing any written correspondence as this might give you valuable information and could save you from facing challenges.
This week, there may be many short journeys related to new courses and campsites related to your institution. You might take part in examinations, games, but your rage and aggression have to be controlled. You could get a good chance to perform in a foreign place. You should follow the routine of health care, and health can make a lot of progress. It is advisable to have self-discipline towards your study timetable and avoid any type of argument with your study partner. Athlete students might face challenges.
Pregnant women should look after their health and try to be in a positive environment. Do not eat outside and incorporate leafy foods into your diet. Try to avoid excessive electronic devices, which can affect the health of your eyes and sleep discomfort. Don’t avoid routine inspection and be regular with your medication. It is advisable to spend a good time with family and friends. Take a little break from your busy schedule and just relax. This can help you have good health.

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