Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 20th March– 26th March 2022


Love and Relationships

A week full of surprises is what you are likely to experience. It is advised that you control your anger and emotions so that circumstances don’t go out of hand. Some of you may face issues with the siblings of your lover. For a pleasant love life this week, respect your partner. Your family may finally agree to your proposal of marrying your lover, Capricorn.


This week, you might have to take care of your family. It is advised to include fruits in your daily diet for a healthy body. Along with this, go walking around the park every morning. If possible, avoid long-distance trips. Most natives living in cold areas should eat hot food during this time of the week.


You will get money as per your need now, but by organizing it perfectly, you will keep the balance of income-expenditure and if you think about investing by saving from it, then you will be successful in securing the financial future. With the increase in income, you will spend in entertainment, vehicles, gadgets, clothes etc. or you can invest in metals like gold and silver. Some expenses will increase in the middle of the week, so keep your hands under control beforehand.


You may find that you are offered an opportunity to travel for work, which may make you very happy. Also, it can bring you much recognition among your peers. Recognition from professional circles from overseas makes you the object of much admiration in your circle. If you are working in the entertainment industry, you are likely to get a big project by the end of this week.


The first task of the week is to clear your backlogs, Capricorn. If appearing for supplementary exams, then this is the week to clear your test, without much of a question being asked. Focus on the calculations based subjects. If you’re taking your studies seriously, you’ll get the hang of clarity from the start of the week. Also, surprise tests won’t make you fumble.

The Week’s Overview

There might be a mixed bag of experiences, so becoming a little cautious may be sensible. The planetary positions and their meanings may determine this week’s mood. Most Capricorns may have a good professional week, and some may travel. You are advised to keep an eye on your finances and not overspend while you’re stressed. Family-wise, it may be a smooth glide. Students are advised to take responsibility for their behaviours, in order to not end up self-harming. Before actually appearing for the exams, a practice test may give you transparency and confidence. You are suggested to be cautious about nutrition to avoid falling ill.
The majority of you had a mixed month. To avoid a breakup, you must manage your outbursts and act appropriately. However, some of you may get irritated by your beloved’s siblings. You are advised to respect your partner and spend quality time. Natives in love might have positive results, as expected. Couples trying to convince families for marriage may be successful. Your family’s concern for you may soon become apparent.
You are recommended to remain calm and focused in any situation, and you may surely benefit. You need to be mindful that without sensible hard work earning money may be difficult. If your financial condition warrants assistance, you may seek a close relative’s help. This week, you should self-motivate yourself to persevere tirelessly to enhance your finances. Financial hardships might be experienced if you do not focus on your financial transactions. You are advised strictly to avoid overspending.
Your professional obligations may keep you busy this week. You may have to go on a work-related trip, which might be fantastic. It may also gain you popularity and admiration amongst peers. This short but fruitful business trip may strengthen your image. Natives in the entertainment sector may end up with a huge project before the weekends.
You should start the week by wrapping up all unfinished work. Supplemental examinations may be cleared by you. A piece of advice, focusing extra on calculation-based subjects might enhance your overall grades. Students who have been punctual and regular with their studies may not be affected by surprise tests, as they have been preparing for them in advance.
You are advised to be cautious about your health and the health of other family members. Your knees and hands may bother you. You are advised to eat fruits regularly, walk, and avoid long-distance travel. If they cannot be avoided, seeking medical advice may be sensible. Natives of colder climates should eat hot foods now.

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