Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 13th March– 20th March 2022

Love and Relationships

Your family might know about your love affair. If you are not ready to disclose this, then remain cautious with whom you share things as they may have a habit of spilling the beans. Singles might meet someone special via friends. Married people can have the joyous week of the month. Your baby’s glimpse would melt your heart. You may get into a fight with your lover.


This week may bring problems concerning your face and throat, says your Health Horoscope. To avoid any skin-related issues, drink plenty of water and make sure you know what you’re applying to your face. Practice yoga and wear protective gear while playing any sport, be it professional or casual. Aerobics is a beneficial exercise for female natives of this sign.


Most Capricorn natives can work on a new scheme to get rid of all their monetary problems. The chances of this plan working are high. There may be a salary increase, but you may feel that the increment is insufficient as compared to your work. Soon-to-be bride/groom might get a fair amount of money or even jewellery as a wedding gift. Avoid earning money through risky sources.


You might have a big career decision that you have to take up. A new job or switching fields can be part of this week’s routine, too, Capricorn. Some disputes with team members can upset you. You need to be careful as there can be besmirching of your name at work. One big mistake can stop your promotion. Business people stay clear of any illegal work.


Students will get very good results related to studies. Your hard work will pay off.

The Week’s Overview

You will be busy making some new plans this week. The domestic life of married people will be tense. People living a love life will have to make some special plans to give happiness to their beloved, this will make your relationship even more pleasant. You have to believe in yourself, because there are many things that you will be able to do because of having faith in yourself. This week will be full of expectations for the employed people. You will need your companions in some things.This week will be generally fruitful for the business class. There will be good chances of profit in your business. Students will get very good results related to studies. Your hard work will pay off. Right now you do not see the possibility of any major health problem. However, you need to pay attention to your diet. Last day of the week is good for travelling.

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