Bhagwan Shiva – the personification of time

Bhagwan Shiva

When you correctly meditate, what do you feel? You feel timelessness. When you take a dip in the empty space that you are in, you discover that emptiness is full of all joy. When an astronaut is floating in a vacuum (space), no force decides his movement. That’s what meditation is all about, isn’t it? No external force deciding your fate. 

Shiva is a space of stillness and silence where all the actions of the mind die. This space is accessible wherever you are. The moment you are centered, you see that there is Shiva present everywhere. This is the time you meet time in its natural avatar – endless and infinite. This is what happens in meditation. You notice Shiva. You meet time. 

When you knowingly lounge in your being (when you relax with no tension- Hakuna Matata Style), you experience something that is endless, something that has no time. Shiva resides beyond that feeling (beyond the ‘endless’) and yet is called the god of time.

Shiva is the “one who captivates,” “one who consolidates,” and “one who destroys.” When a child is born in this universe, they delight (captivate) others through their mere presence. When we are adulting, we get passionate about random things; we slowly start gaining consciousness and knowledge. However, once we are conscious enough, we stop celebrating our weirdness under the aegis of maturity. Our thought process consolidates, and slowly we turn single-minded. We await our fate once aging takes over while our body is under slow destruction due to various reasons (diseases, unnatural causes like stress, etc.). The life cycle continues. Shiva controls this cycle, just how time does. 

The Big Bang was the moment 13.8 billion years ago when the universe came to life as a small, thick fireball that exploded. Modern-Day astronomers use the Big Bang theory to illustrate how the universe began. Shiva is said to have lived before the Big Bang, and it is under his control that the universe came into existence in the first place. Once the universe cooled down and the evolution began, it was Shiva who started transmitting yoga in its complete depth and all dimensions to the Saptarishis, the seven sages. 

Shiva explained the rudimentary mechanics of the human being and, in turn, the mechanics of the universe because the human system is just an undersized version of the larger universe. Today, specific theories have come up in science that confirms that the fundamental design of an atom (fundamental particle) and the cosmos are basically the same. The basic structure of how a bacterium is made and how you are made is the same. It is only the vivid complexity and evolutionary sophistication that multiplies manifold. In other words, your body is a miniature universe that follows a life cycle that is time-bound. The universe outside your physical structure follows a similar life cycle which is time-bound. Bound by Time. Bound by Shiva. 

According to Shiva, “You are the possibility – you are the problem.” Another way of putting it is, “You are heaven – you are hell.” He left it on our time on earth to decide our fate whether we have to undergo life and death again or move to the next dimension in life. He is the personification of ‘time’ that decides our future based on our Karma. 

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