Best Forms of Transportation for Students

Did you know there are approximately 76.8 million students enrolled in school?

When you enroll in college, you’ll need to find a way of getting around the city and campus. Whether you commute, live locally, or stay in a dorm, getting about can sometimes seem like a hassle.

Fortunately, there are several accessible modes of transportation available to you.

Read on to learn about the best forms of transportation for students.

Public Transport

Public transport is a practical and affordable way of getting around the city. Most student towns have regular rail and bus routes seven days a week.

Plus, many authorities offer student concessions and discounts for students, making public transport an economical way to get to school.

Look out for dedicated bus routes to, from, and around your campus.


Bicycles are an ideal mode of transportation for students. They’re cheap, low maintenance, and easy to use. They’re also one of the most energy-efficient ways to get around.

Be sure to check out local and state bicycle laws to stay safe on the roads as you travel around campus. 

Electric bikes will help you reach your destination even faster and with less effort. There are great deals on e-bikes available today – check them out here. 


If you want a motorized vehicle without the stress and costs of owning a car, a moped is an economical alternative.

Fuel-efficient car alternatives, mopeds require less parking space and are cheaper to buy upfront. With a moped, you’ll also be able to take on a part-time delivery or courier job in your spare time, banking you extra cash.

Look out for great deals on second-hand mopeds in your area to gain a handy and practical way of getting around the city.


Many college students opt for a car as their primary mode of transportation. If you’ve just passed your driving test, you’ll probably also want to bring a car to college.

Almost all college campuses have ample parking spaces for student and faculty vehicles. However, you should be aware that many college lots charge for student parking.

If you want to bring your car to school, ask about parking passes for the semester or school year.

Ride Sharing

Another way to save on the cost of having a car is to join or create a ride-sharing group.

If you live off-campus, find roommates or neighbors who drive and write up a ride-sharing schedule. By splitting the cost of travel 3 or 4 ways, you’ll have all the benefits of using driving to school without the unnecessary expense.

Forms of Transportation for Students Explained

The right forms of transportation for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Consider your finances, schedule, and local geography before making your final decision.

That way, you’ll have no trouble getting around the city.

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